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We had a Princess night!

A while back, Andrea posted about Disney Princesses on Ice coming to our area.  My mind immediately said “oh yeah, we are so there!” Just let me say, Disney knows how to put on a show!  We all went.  Yes, all of us including hubs and Ren.  Ren loved it.  His favorite part was the “fight scene” between Beast and Gaston, oh and singing “Hi Ho, It’s off to work we go” with the 7 dwarfs.  All the kids loved that part actually.  The dwarfs appear on stage and the you hear a “Hi Hoooooo”. CS stood up, spread her arms and yelled “Hi Hoooooo” right back!  So adorable!

Now, I won’t go and spoil the whole show for you, but let’s just say that Tinkerbell and Fairy Godmother make the show extra magical.  On a personal level, I adored it!  I mean, what little girl didn’t grow up wanting to be a princess?  I know I did!  Snow White and Cinderella were my favorites growing up.  For this one magical night, I caught myself smiling, participating, laughing and generally acting like my little girls were.  It felt wonderful.  I was at a show that made my kids eyes sparkle.  They participated by clapping, singing and waving.  They laughed at the evil step-sisters in Cinderella (who are hilarious btw).  We gasped when Fairy Godmother appeared and cried when the evil step-sisters tore Cinderella’s dress apart (which is a little harder to watch in real life than on a movie).

The finale is phenomenal!  I’m not giving that away here, but it took my breath away!  The dresses, the princes, the shear talent of ice skating in those dresses are all awe-inspiring!  If you get an opportunity to attend a Disney on Ice show, don’t pass it up!  In true Disney style, they are fantastic!  Here are a few pictures I took

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You can follow this link to find a Disney on Ice show in your area.  For those of you in the Cincinnati area though, the Princesses will be arriving tomorrow!  Here is the information.

Disney’s Princess Classics is coming to US Bank Arena Oct 6-10 you get to SAVE $4 ON ALL PERFORMANCES! by using CODE: MOM2 Restrictions: Not valid on Front Row or VIP seats; limit 4 per transaction; no double discounts. Here is the Ticketmaster Link to Cincinnati Disney On Ice:

***I received tickets from Feld Entertainment for providing the discount information and review of Disney on Ice presents Princess Classics.  The opinion of the fantastic, exciting and awe inspiring show are my own!***

I want to add in our experience also. ~

I (Andrea) took my oldest 2 on Sunday and all I have to say is WOW.  Scarlett dressed up Cinderella. She was so excited just to have a reason to wear it out. We kept it a BIG secret from her. Once we got there you should have seen her eyes. Both Evan and Scarlett sat so focused on the show. You never heard a peep from them.  At one point Scarlett looked at me and said “Mommy I love this. It is so beautiful. ” Nothing like the perspective of a 5 yr old. It just brought tears to my eyes.

I was a little skeptical of taking Evan to it as it was Princesses. But Evan LOVED it also. It was a great show. And for all the men out there complaining that they don’t want to go you will not be lacking in EYE CANDY on the stage.

I am sure you will enjoy it as much as we did. Thanks Feld for this chance to make some AWESOME memories with our kids.


Mommy Confessions ~~ Back pain and butt cracks

Ren and Hubs sharing a quiet moment

Today I get a call from hubs.  He was at work and having kind of a bad day.  The call went something like this

Hubs: Hey, today stinks.  I’m not getting anything done correctly and my back is killing me.  (think whiney man voice***)

Me: Well, I’m sorry you’re having a bad day.  Why don’t you cut loose a couple of hours early and come home and rest your back.

Hubs:  I’ll see.  (he signs off about an hour or so later.  Love his employer and his flexibility at work!)

He gets home and sure enough, he’s pulled his back out.  I don’t believe he’s ever done this before, but I know from experience that it’s very painful.  I help him hobble to bed to lay down on the heating pad and make sure he’s comfy cozy (I’m a good wife like that 🙂 ).  I then head into the kitchen and get supper going.  A little while later, it’s supper time.  We have supper every night together as a family.  It’s important to us and one of the main priorities of our family. 

The kids and I are seated and I’m dishing out the grub.  In hobbles hubs in obvious pain.  He sat down as best he could and started filling up his plate.  The kids notice Daddy isn’t acting like he usually does.  Ren in particular notices.  Just for the sake of the story, I was standing at the counter getting out some ibuprofen for hubs at this point.

Ren:  Daddy what’s wrong?

Hubs:  Daddy hurt his back little buddy.

Ren: Oh, so do you have another crack in your butt?

At this point I am doubled over on the counter top laughing quietly.  Ren is so innocent and hysterical all at once.  He genuinely didn’t understand.  I turned around and sat back down, shoulders still shaking from hidden laughter.  I look at hubs and he has a smile running ear to ear.  Who knew back pain and butt cracks were related?  Hubs did explain to him what back pain was and that no, he didn’t have another crack in his butt.  I’m hoping Ren got the point….

***Yes, Hubs, you were a *wee bit* whiney today.  Just sayin’***

Mommy Confessions ~~ Manners = Uppity?

This morning, I’m scratching my head about something.  I’m hoping someone can enlighten me or help me out with this one.  Here is the scenario.

Last night about 8ish, I headed to the grocery store that’s right around the corner from my house.  It’s smaller, with smaller aisles, so you DO have to wait for someone to move to the side before you can proceed down an aisle.  I have no problem with this.  I actually like it because it causes people to interact and not just think about themselves (that’s a whole other topic though).  I finish gathering the items I need and head to the check lanes.  I check out and had 3 bags plus a gallon of milk.  No reason to push a whole cart out of the store for that.  So, I return the cart to its “home” and begin toward the door.  Right about then a lady comes rushing through the in door and runs smack into the bags I was carrying, almost knocking them out of my hands.  I looked up and said “I’m sorry, pardon me.”  Her reply “Get out of my way you uppity b-word”.  Um, what?  How does apologizing for something and saying excuse me mean I’m an uppity b?  Was she offended that I actually HAVE manners?  I really don’t get it. 

The thing is, I’ve been called something like this before.  At the same store.  It just really bothered me that I would get called a name for using manners.  Is the world really that rude a place these days?  I don’t live under a rock or anything, but I also don’t allow my family to get away with rude behavior.  Oh, I just don’t know.  Maybe I AM and uppity b and just don’t know it….HAHAHA.

Advice?  Insight?

Wordless Wednesday

They made a new friend with an ant (and named him Flick…go figure!)

Mommy Confessions ~~ She’s a ham!

Here are some pictures of my beautiful CS.  I took her to a local park last week and shot some pictures of her.  She is such a little precocious girl that I had a LOT of pictures.  Most of them good, some seriously out of focus.  I’m NOT a professional and don’t pretend to be.  I’m just a Mom, with a point and shoot digital camera and kids who like to smile.  Oh, and picnik.  I can’t forget them.  Great site for editing and putting “effects” on pictures to make them nice.  Enjoy the slide show below. 

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(I did crop them a little for display here.  I have her name on several pictures, so I cropped that out…sorry)

Mommy Confessions ~~ To the woman at Penn Station

I’m raving mad.  Yup, it’s a rare thing to even get me to this point, but I’m there.  Before I go and tell you why I’m so upset, let me set up the situation.

Hubs, Ren, CS and I went to Penn Station this afternoon for lunch (can we say yumminess and I will be fasting for the next 3 days to offset the calories?).  Everything with the food was fantastic.  We are sitting down enjoying our food when Ren falls off of his booster and starts to cry.  Loudly.  So, being a super polite Mom, I casually picked him up and carried him outside to calm him down.  Lest we bother anyone else. 

Ren and I are outside.  We were out there maybe about 5 minutes.  I kissed his boo-boo and snuggled him while sitting on the curb by the door.  He calmed down and we were preparing to go back and finish our lunch with Daddy and CS.  Right about then 4 ladies began approaching the door.  Two were in scrubs with the local hospital ID’s hanging from their uniforms.  The other 2 were plainly dressed.  As I started to stand up, one of the ladies curled her arms up (think “this is a stick up” pose) and said “eww, eww, special needs kids are still contagious”.  Without even thinking about it I shot up and yelled “Why the hell would you say that?” followed closely by “I hope you’re not referring to my son”.  They pretty much ignored me and went right on in.

This made me into a raving Mother for a while.  For a number of reasons.  I love lists, as you know, so here’s why.

1.  Special needs children aren’t contagious.

2.  You are with other women and you still acted like this?  Seriously?

3.  You’re an adult.  How about you act like one.

4.  Forgive me for being a polite mother and taking my child out of the restaurant to take care of him.  Next time, we’ll stay in and he can wail.

5.  Are you seriously a middle-aged woman?  Even my 2-year-old wouldn’t say something like that.

6.  Had my son, daughter and husband NOT been there lady, a VERY heated discussion probably would have taken place.  After my first knee jerk reaction, I instead chose to finish my lunch with my family.  Why should I allow a person with zero intelligence to ruin my lunch.

7.  Special needs children aren’t contagious!!!!!!!  The are children.  Why would you ever choose to hurt a child with your behavior or words? 

8.  I feel sorry for you.  You need an education. 

 So, if the woman who did this happens to read this, thank you for reminding me that ignorance is still very much alive.  You would be a shining example of it.  Oh, and not that it matters, but my son has no special needs.  He was just upset.  Thanks though…

Schooling Mom ~~ Is this bullying?

Well, we’re on week 3 of school around our house.  Things are going better than expected.  Ren is getting along really well at school and making lots of new friends.  All of which are girls.  He’s constantly telling us about this pretty little girl, or that pretty girl.  I think I *may* have a ladies man on my hands.  Help me now…lol!

A though, is still struggling.  She came home the other day and complained she was bored.  I ask her why she felt that way and she said “because I already know all the stuff we keep doing Mommy”.  Uh oh.  Not a good way to begin your school career.  Thinking it is boring.  I do know that starting this week, things are going to change a little.  She is going to start some new things, so hopefully this “boring” phase will end.

The real reason for the title though, is she has been coming home complaining about a little boy.  According to her, “he’s mean”.  He throws away her things, literally.  He grabbed her hand and took off her silly band ring and threw it away.  What?!?  She also said he’s pushed her down in the hallway, throws her art work (that is in her cubby at school) in the garbage and says naughty things to her.  I ask her if she was mean to him and she said “no Mommy.  I’m nice to everyone because that’s how to be a friend”.  Thankfully that lesson has sunk in!  I have ask if she has said anything to her teacher and she said “yes”.  I then ask if he ever gets put into the time out area for doing these things and she said “sometimes”. 

My question to you wise parents, is this bullying?  Do I say something to her teacher as well?  Could there be more to the story than this that she isn’t telling me about?  A is a very helpful, bright girl and in the past week she’s been moody (although I think she’s still adjusting to school in general), and just not her chatty, happy self.  Can this really start in Kindergarten?  Am I reading into this too much?  Advice please and thank you!