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We had a Princess night!

A while back, Andrea posted about Disney Princesses on Ice coming to our area.  My mind immediately said “oh yeah, we are so there!” Just let me say, Disney knows how to put on a show!  We all went.  Yes, all of us including hubs and Ren.  Ren loved it.  His favorite part was the “fight scene” between Beast and Gaston, oh and singing “Hi Ho, It’s off to work we go” with the 7 dwarfs.  All the kids loved that part actually.  The dwarfs appear on stage and the you hear a “Hi Hoooooo”. CS stood up, spread her arms and yelled “Hi Hoooooo” right back!  So adorable!

Now, I won’t go and spoil the whole show for you, but let’s just say that Tinkerbell and Fairy Godmother make the show extra magical.  On a personal level, I adored it!  I mean, what little girl didn’t grow up wanting to be a princess?  I know I did!  Snow White and Cinderella were my favorites growing up.  For this one magical night, I caught myself smiling, participating, laughing and generally acting like my little girls were.  It felt wonderful.  I was at a show that made my kids eyes sparkle.  They participated by clapping, singing and waving.  They laughed at the evil step-sisters in Cinderella (who are hilarious btw).  We gasped when Fairy Godmother appeared and cried when the evil step-sisters tore Cinderella’s dress apart (which is a little harder to watch in real life than on a movie).

The finale is phenomenal!  I’m not giving that away here, but it took my breath away!  The dresses, the princes, the shear talent of ice skating in those dresses are all awe-inspiring!  If you get an opportunity to attend a Disney on Ice show, don’t pass it up!  In true Disney style, they are fantastic!  Here are a few pictures I took

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You can follow this link to find a Disney on Ice show in your area.  For those of you in the Cincinnati area though, the Princesses will be arriving tomorrow!  Here is the information.

Disney’s Princess Classics is coming to US Bank Arena Oct 6-10 you get to SAVE $4 ON ALL PERFORMANCES! by using CODE: MOM2 Restrictions: Not valid on Front Row or VIP seats; limit 4 per transaction; no double discounts. Here is the Ticketmaster Link to Cincinnati Disney On Ice: http://www.ticketmaster.com/venueartist/180631/821550

***I received tickets from Feld Entertainment for providing the discount information and review of Disney on Ice presents Princess Classics.  The opinion of the fantastic, exciting and awe inspiring show are my own!***

I want to add in our experience also. ~

I (Andrea) took my oldest 2 on Sunday and all I have to say is WOW.  Scarlett dressed up Cinderella. She was so excited just to have a reason to wear it out. We kept it a BIG secret from her. Once we got there you should have seen her eyes. Both Evan and Scarlett sat so focused on the show. You never heard a peep from them.  At one point Scarlett looked at me and said “Mommy I love this. It is so beautiful. ” Nothing like the perspective of a 5 yr old. It just brought tears to my eyes.

I was a little skeptical of taking Evan to it as it was Princesses. But Evan LOVED it also. It was a great show. And for all the men out there complaining that they don’t want to go you will not be lacking in EYE CANDY on the stage.

I am sure you will enjoy it as much as we did. Thanks Feld for this chance to make some AWESOME memories with our kids.


Mommy Confessions ~~ Ren says it…

You’ve seen posts about Ren.  He’s my precocious 4-year-old.  He just started preschool last week.  He already has the “back to school” summer cold that seems to be making the rounds in this part of Ohio right now.  He is the middle child, only boy in a family with 11 girls (this is A and CS plus my 9 nieces), and 100% All-American little boy.  He loves classic cars, trains, and is really into construction equipment right now.  Yes, he’s a typical 4-year old little boy.  Right down to the less than tactful way he says things.  Especially those things he knows better because they have been labeled “naughty” by us. 

Here is the latest example.  This happened today when A had a doctor’s appointment. 

We are running late, which is highly unusual for me.  Yet, this was the very first time I’ve ever signed A out of school and it took FOREVER, but I digress.  Anyway, we are running about 5 minutes behind.  We head into the office and straight to the waiting room.  I sign A in and tell the kids to sit down and play with the toys they brought in.  A gets called into the room and she heads off.  (Just in case you are wondering, no I didn’t go with her.  It’s her dermatologist and she was just seeing the nurse for a check on her hand.  No big deal, no needles, just a once over and we were on our way).

Well, while A is back in the room with Nurse Joyce, this lady comes in.  She is wearing hospital scrubs and is looking like she is exhausted.  Ren is casually sitting near the sign-in sheet playing with his Hot Wheels.  The lady goes to sign in and bends over.  It is right then that Ren looks at me with his eyes like saucers and says “Mommy lookie, that lady has a BIG booty”.  I wanted to die, fade into the wall paper, anything but be right there.  I hushed him and said “We don’t say things like that Ren”.  To which he said “But Mommy, that lady in the purple shirt has a really BIG booty.  Didn’t you see it?”   Why won’t the earth just swallow you up when you need it too?  Instead, I quickly knelt down and explained that “booty” is a very hurtful and naughty word.  That it makes people’s heart hurt when someone uses hurtful words.  He shook his head in understanding and told the lady he was sorry.  She smiled and said “It’s alright, I know it’s not small”.   At least she had a sense of humor right?!??!  Sheesh!

Wordless Wednesday

First Day of School for my sweeties!

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Schooling Mom 201 ~~ Second guessing

This week A and Ren started school.  Next week, you’ll learn how their first day went.  Andrea and I are going to post about the first days of school at the same time.  So, onto this post.

Have you ever second guessed everything?  I mean everything? I have.  Several times this week I’ve second guessed our painfully difficult decision to send A to the local public school.  For a refresher to that subject, click here and here.  Anyway, this has been the first week of school and it went okay.

Why the second guessing then?  Well, as a Mom, I ask questions.  I think this may be because A is my first child to experience school.  I’m NOT used to this.  I’m NOT used to procedures, protocols, and the ways of school.  My first glimmer of a second guess happened when I we started on the first day.  A came home that day complaining about the kids being mean to her, the bus was gross and hot and she didn’t get to say her prayer before eating.  Her biggest complaint though.  She didn’t get to finish eating her lunch.  Now, she does like to talk.  The obvious question was, did you talk too much or did I pack too much?  She said she didn’t talk to anyone because no one would talk to her.  She said she didn’t finish because they told her lunch was over and she had to go to recess.  WHAT?!?!  How long do they get to eat?  I’ve taught my kids to enjoy their food and eat slowly to avoid overfilling themselves.  Yet, I assume they are supposed to eat quickly there.  I will let you know that I haven’t ask the school about the a limit yet and this is just the complaint of my 5-year-old.

The second glimmer, or rather large fire burning, happened Wednesday.  It was A’s second day of school.  The second time she’s ever ridden the bus.  It was also an “early dismissal day” for the district.  That means they dismiss school an hour early.  I’m unsure why though.  She usually gets home around 4:15.  So, at 3 I head to the bus stop (which is literally one house away). 3:15 comes and goes.  Okay, buses run late.  3:30 comes and still no bus.  Alright, now I’m worried.  3:40 gets here and I’m now in full-on panic mode.  I call the school who gives me the number to the bus garage.  I call and it’s the wrong number.  Seriously?  So, I quickly run into my house and pull my laptop outside.  I look up the main Welcome Center number and call them.  They transfer me to the bus garage (thankfully!). I  give the person who answered A’s school name and bus number.  By now, it’s 3:50.  The person then says “Oh yeah, that bus was overcrowded with kids so we had to call another one out to divide the route.  She should be home in the next 20 or so minutes.” WHAT?!?!?! I was LIV-ID! The school district didn’t think it was too big a concern to attempt to call parents?  They assume we will call them?  I didn’t even get an apology.  Just a curt person at the bus garage.  My daughter is 5!  She’s scared of the bus enough already, let’s just play into that fear.  Thanks.

A did finally get home from school.  At her normal arrival time of 4:15.  A FULL HOUR later than she was supposed to.  I am at a loss for this.  To add insult to injury, the bus was late this morning too.

Yeah, I was about to mortgage our house for tuition to the private school after that fiasco.

So, how was your week?


This is Andrea here and lets just say next week is a must tune in week. It has been a nightmare of a first few days for Evan. Lets just say homeschooling might be in our future.

Mommy Confessions ~~ I LOVE these pics.

It’s Friday and I know most people aren’t reading a blog.  Yet, I was scrolling through the pictures we took during our staycation last week.  I will post more about that later, but for now, here are 2 pictures of my hubs and a couple of the kids that I just love!  I’m by no means a photo buff.  My camera is a FujiFilm Finepix S2000HD.  I waited for 2 years to save up the money to go and get the camera I wanted.  That was the one I chose.  It has yet to ever let me down!  My only wish is that I had one a bit smaller or purse sized to carry with me all the time.  While I adore my FujiFilm, there are those times when pulling out a small digital would be wonderful.  So, I thought I’d share my latest pictures and also ask you for recommendations for small, purse sized, everyday, travel friendly cameras. 

Now, for the pictures.  They were taken on a super sunny afternoon at a local lake.  The kids LOVE it there, so we try to visit it as often as possible during the summer!   These are a few of my favorite ones from our last visit.  I’m in love with the way the ones with hubs in them turned out.  I didn’t enhance or fix them at all.  I DID crop them a little and change one from color to black and white, otherwise, it was all luck and glare and lighting.

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Mommy Confession ~~ Thank you little old lady…

I know what you’re thinking, this is a post complaining about the older generation of people.  Quite the contrary.  It isn’t. 

I went to the store last week, with all 3 children in tow.  I’ll be honest and let you all know that unless necessary, I try to avoid doing this.  I will shop at midnight on a random weekday before trying to take all 3 of mine out.  It’s not that it’s an inconvenience.  It’s not.  It’s just that with 3 so close in age, they can gang up on me make me feel overwhelmed.  I have one who LOVES to help Mommy do the shopping.  One that refuses to ride in the cart anymore.  One that will ride in the cart, but ONLY if she can have a make-up compact or iPod to play with.  It can get very draining, especially if you’re trying to purchase enough food to last for 2 weeks.  Even with a list, I always forget something.  So, I’ve taken to shopping late at night.  Alone.  In quiet. 

Last week though, I ran to my favorite Kroger Marketplace.  All three of the kids were with me and it was nearing lunch/nap time.  Yes, they were unusually cranky and naughty while in the store.  I was practically running walking quickly through the store to get what we needed.  Two of the three were running away and I was constantly saying “Come here please.  Put your hand on the cart please.”  Still, no listening.  In a futile effort, I grabbed what we needed and headed for the check lanes.  It was there that total chaos broke loose.  They started begging for M&M’s (I’m not above bribing in certain circumstances and they know this.  Ugh!).  After repeatedly saying “no” to their questions, I started to get flustered and lose my patience.  It was then the nicest little old lady got in line behind me.  She took one look at me and said “Oh honey, just let them have it.  Too soon they will be grown and gone and then you will have no one to buy M&M’s for.”  For some reason that struck a chord with me.  I smiled and said something like “It’s been a looong morning.”  She smiled and said “They look very close in age.  Mine were too.  Trust me when I say you’ll wish they could stay like this forever.  Cherish it honey.  They grow so fast!” 

It was right then I picked up 3 full-sized packages of M&M’s and paid for them.  Handed each of my kids a package and watched as their eyes lit up!  So, THANK YOU to the lady who got behind me in line at Kroger.  Thank you for reminding me that I may get flustered.  I may get impatient.  I may even want Calgon to “take me away”.  In the end though, she was right.  Next time they may not get the full pack of M&M’s, but then again, maybe they will…

Wordless Wednesday


Here is what happened around our house last week. 

All involving Miss A!!

New (to her) bike.

Safety Town.

Oh, and A was on in the local newspaper. 

Here is the photo.

It was taken by James McAuley who works for Cox Ohio Publishing.

Thanks for making this Mom cry when she opened her Saturday morning paper to this picture.

A is the one with her hands over her ears. **large teary sigh**