Lack of Courtesy

Dear Neighbor.

While I understand that living in the country means different things to everybody. But to me living in the country means not having to deal STUPID people paying no regard to the people that actually live out there.

I do understand that your mommy and daddy bought you all this land to “Play” on and farm. You don’t not live on your land you live in the city. (though I think you might be living in your barn because your wife kicked you out) But have you no courtesy for the people that actually live out here.

  • you till up your land at 1am.
  • you throw your beer cans everywhere and thus it ends up in my yard.
  • you took down my property markers.
  • you put your drive way as close as you could to my property so that when you come and go at all hours of the night your lights flash into my windows and your loud beat up car wakes up my kids.
  • You and your buddy’s party all night long blaring your music so loud that it rattles my windows.
  • Lets not forget about the 100’s of cars out all over your property thus causing it to look like a junk yard.
  • You and your buddy’s race your cars up down the road at all hours of the day.
  • But today is the final straw. I sit here typing with wet hair from just getting out of the shower. Why would I tell you this? Because your DOGS just came into my yard and pooped in it. So when I let my dog out she found it and ROLLED all over it. Thus causing me to 1 clean up YOUR dog poop but also bath my dog who had YOUR dog poop all over her.

Due to your lack of courtesy you have left me no choice but to go to drastic measures. What am I going to do? The only thing I can think of is to call the people in charge of the covenants in this area. You are VOLATILIZING several of them.

In the mean time please keep the redneck parting to a minimum and please keep you big nasty dogs on your own land and off of mine and if they do come over please follow them and clean up after them. I have enough to do without cleaning up after your dogs to.




One response to “Lack of Courtesy

  1. OH NO! Bless your heart! I hear ya!

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