Garage Sales how I loathe you.

I love going to garage sales. I love the rush of getting something great for a dirt cheap price. I love the feel of getting new things that have a history to them. I love finding clothes for the kids that have never been worn for next to nothing. I love going to garage sales.

Now I LOATHE having a garage sale. As I am sitting here writing thing I am actually running a garage sale. After weeks of preperation the day has finally come. The day to purge all of the things that are taking up so much space in my house. The items from having 4 kids. The items that I have bought and never use. The items that I have that I don’t know where they came from. The items that my kids have outgrown. The useless gifts that people have given me that I hald onto because I didn’t want to hurt someone’s feelings. You know how it is. All thesee years I have held onto clothes that I will never wear again. Clothes that I will never fit into again. And clothes that I have sentimental reasons for keeping. (I have this bra that I have kept because I was wearing it when something major happened in my life.) Yes I kep sillythings and it is time to sell sell sell.

So on this cold morning. I got up at 6am to put the tisns up. To start getting things ready and finish setting up and now that they sale has been open for about 45 minuets I have sold a big whopping $40 and only 2 people have been here. This my loyal readers is why I loathe garage sales. While nobody has nickle and dime me YET. I am sure they will come. But sitting her hoping and wishing that somebody would want my hidden treasures. While I realize that I live in the middle of NOWHERE I was hoping that people would still want to make the drive out to see my crap hidden treasures.

So what have I learned from this garage sale?

  • have it in warmer weather. I am not a fan of this cold feeling.
  • While hanging clothes up seams like a good idea, it is so much extra work.
  • I say screw tagging the rest of the items. I am pricing it as people are interested.
  • Maybe I should have put the sale in the paper instead of only online.
  • I am freaking freezing and my tea is cold.
  • Next time I am making a trip to goodwill instead.
  • Maybe I shouldn’t have put that battery in the car for the kids because the wind is causing it to drive on itsown.


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