Do I look like the Goodwill store?

Recently I put an ad on Craigslist for a set of bunk-beds. Our bunk beds are WAY under-priced and they are an EXCELLENT condition.

You would not believe the responses I have gotten. I have gotten offers for trades. YES trades. What kind of trades?

  • a horse- just because I live in the country doesn’t mean I need a horse.
  • a goat.- see above
  • a llama

I have also gotten the sob story of we are having a hard time, I left my husband, we lost our job. So on and so on. So here is my question if you are having such a hard time why are you looking at bunk beds that are listed at $500. If I needed new beds and I was hard up we would use just a mattress or sleep on the couch or floor. I don’t get it.

People have made me feel guilty for not GIVING it to them. As they have told me this poor me story and told me that they had no money and need it for their kids and if I could find it in my heart to give it to them. If I was going to give it away WHY WOULD I HAVE POSTED IT for $500. Also if I was going to give it away don’t you think I would give it to a friend of mine that I know could use it.

I love how people only look at their situation. They don’t look at it as maybe I need to use the money to buy a new bed for my kids or maybe clothes for my kids maybe we need to buy groceries. Keep in mind these are all maybes.  I am also very skeptical of people that say that they are hard up. I have learned over the past few years that people that “claim” that they are hard up are living better than most of us that aren’t. They are living the life of large screen plasma’s, new computers, Wii, going out to eat all the time, and remodeling their homes the list can really go on and on.  So I have little tolerance for people that claim that they are hard up and really aren’t. While YES I do understand that not all people live like I just mentioned and YES I understand that people out there are TRULY hard up. I feel for those people. I want to help those people. But in today’s society it is really hard to tell the difference of “hard up” and hard up when they want something for free. It really ranks up there with the person sitting along the side of the road with a pair of band new Nike’s on with a sign that says Hungry need food or money but when you tell him you will feed him if he does some work he refuses. All to often people just want something for nothing. (I really need to get off of this I have a whole post that I can talk about the Land of Entitlement.)

So I guess that means. NO I don’t want your llama, goats, horses,chickens or any other farm animal you have. NO I am not giving you the bunk beds, NO I am not going to feel sorry for you when you say you are having a hard time and you are shopping for a set of bunk beds that are $500.


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