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My dream Vacation.

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With the economy I DREAM of taking a family Vacation. I dream of one day taking my husband and kids for a full European tour.

I dream of them flying past the Statue of Liberty so that they can see her in her wonder.

I dream of seeing them fly over the ocean and seeing it for the first time.

I dream of showing them history of the world. I dream of showing them not just the good history but the bad history.

I long to show them the concentration camps so that they can understand the pain that people suffered and have more compassion for people that are different and having understand for others beliefs.I want them to smell the smells I want them to see what the prisoners had to endure because of 1 mans false idea of the way things should be. I wan them to feel all of them. I want to see the tears running down their face when they realize the pain that I just showed them will make them a better person.

I long to show them the Louvre in Paris. I want them to see how art has transformed the world. I want them to see the Mona Lisa. I want them to understand that such a small and simple painting has literally changed the world in many ways.

I would love to see their face at the top of the Swiss Alps. So that they can see the beauty that God has given us.

We would have to go to Tuscany Italy to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa. So that they can see something that shouldn’t be really is.


We would have to see Rome. So that they could see the Rome Coliseum. History is a love in our family and for them to see this first hand would be amazing.

We would also have to add in something fun and exciting for the kids that isn’t just about History and what better way to do that then throw in a little trip to Euro Disney.

There are so many other places we would go in Europe but those are just a few of the highlights we would have to see. A girl can dream right?

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