Sleep positioners on recall.

I just got this in my email from my sister and I thought that it was very interesting and that everyone might not know about it. I used the sleep positioner with all of my kids. I am not sure if there was underlying health issues with these babies or not. But something to be careful about.
Maternal-Child Medicine and Pediatrics was notified that an AF dependent, age 3 weeks old was found in his crib unresponsive Monday, 27 September. Notable history was the use of a wedge sleeping device to aid sleeping on the infant’s back.
On September 29th The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) published a statement warning  consumers to stop using infant sleep positioners. Over the past 13 years, CPSC and the FDA have received 12 reports of infants between the ages of 1 month and 4 four months who died when they suffocated in sleep positioners or became trapped and suffocated between a sleep positioner and the side of a crib or bassinet.  Please see the link below for the full announcement. It may be worth posting in your clinics, and consider discussing this product with your AAFES if they carry them.  Also, no base Child Development Centers should be allowing the use of these sleep positioners.
The American Academy of Pediatrics has done some outstanding efforts with the “Back to Sleep” campaign and has a great website with tons of resources.  Below is the website that has patient and child care provider handout.


Where is the common sense?

Have you noticed lately that stupidity seams to be around every corner? I mean everywhere you look there is somebody doing something stupid. What happened to good ol common sense?

Recently there was a HUGE toy recall that came out. So I went to the website to make sure that none of our toys were on there. (There is a few items that are on there) While I was looking at the different items making sure that it wasn’t ours I came across a pack and play. On this warning it said Never place a child in a Pack ‘n Play with a detachable changing table when the changing table is still in place. To receive a free warning label to put on your changing table, or for more information, contact Graco. This is talking about the bassinet that is in the pack and plays that you put your kids in. Now in my land we call that common sense. Don’t put your child in the pack and play while the changing table is on. But I guess it isn’t because some  people still need to order a label that tells them to do this.

So this got me thinking. Many years ago I don’t remember where or why but I saw a speaker and he was talking about warning labels. He was telling us that for every stupid warning label out there, there is a stupid person has done that and that is the reason that the warning label is on there in the first place. So after  a little research I found some classic warning labels for your personal entertainment. All of my responses are in PINK

On a hair dryer: Do not use in shower. Never use while sleeping.

how are you sleeping and using this?

On Tampax Tampons: Remove used tampon before inserting new one.

Thanks for clearing that one up.

On the package of an Ace Garden Hose: Do not spray water into an electrical outlet. Severe electrical shock could result.

That could be a shocking experience.

On a disposable razor: Do not use this product during an earthquake.

Very interesting.

On a Medela Pump in Style breast pump: “Close supervision is necessary when this product is used by, on, or near children or invalids.”

Somebody please explain to me why this is being used on children or invalids?

On a frisbee: May contain small parts.

I would like to see this one happen.
On a portable stroller: Remove infant before folding for storage.

Maybe I want my child to be hanging up on the wall with the stroller. JK

On a child sized Superman costume: Wearing of this garment does not enable you to fly.

No comment on this one.

On an infant’s bathtub: Do not throw baby out with bath water.

freakin A that is what I have been doing wrong this whole time.

On a cardboard baler: Do not climb in to sit or sleep.

And to think that I was going to replace my sofa with this.

On a Petco brand dog muzzle: Not suitable for children.

I guess it was used by the same people that put their kids on a leash.

Armor-All wipes: Not to be used for personal cleansing!

Maybe a good buffing was in need.

On a curling iron: For external use only!

What exactly are they curling?

On an electric rotary tool.This product not intended for use as a dental drill.

Wow really somebody did this one?

On a toner cartridge for a laser printer. Do not eat toner.

Maybe it is a new diet.

On a toilet bowl cleaning brush. Do not use orally.

Maybe they were out of tooth paste.

On a laser pointer. Do not look into laser with remaining eye.

Notice it said on REMAINING EYE.

In the manual for a microwave oven. Do not use for drying pets.

There are strange people out there.

I guess with the law suit people out there a company can’t be to safe. You know after McDonalds got sued for hot coffee and making people fat. But I say enough is enough. Lets try to use a little common sense before we are really that stupid.

Sorry this is not normally something that I would write but I found it quite interesting. I am sure in the 1920’s there wasn’t warning labels on things like don’t snort the flour may clog your nose or make you sneeze.

Garage Sales how I loathe you.

I love going to garage sales. I love the rush of getting something great for a dirt cheap price. I love the feel of getting new things that have a history to them. I love finding clothes for the kids that have never been worn for next to nothing. I love going to garage sales.

Now I LOATHE having a garage sale. As I am sitting here writing thing I am actually running a garage sale. After weeks of preperation the day has finally come. The day to purge all of the things that are taking up so much space in my house. The items from having 4 kids. The items that I have bought and never use. The items that I have that I don’t know where they came from. The items that my kids have outgrown. The useless gifts that people have given me that I hald onto because I didn’t want to hurt someone’s feelings. You know how it is. All thesee years I have held onto clothes that I will never wear again. Clothes that I will never fit into again. And clothes that I have sentimental reasons for keeping. (I have this bra that I have kept because I was wearing it when something major happened in my life.) Yes I kep sillythings and it is time to sell sell sell.

So on this cold morning. I got up at 6am to put the tisns up. To start getting things ready and finish setting up and now that they sale has been open for about 45 minuets I have sold a big whopping $40 and only 2 people have been here. This my loyal readers is why I loathe garage sales. While nobody has nickle and dime me YET. I am sure they will come. But sitting her hoping and wishing that somebody would want my hidden treasures. While I realize that I live in the middle of NOWHERE I was hoping that people would still want to make the drive out to see my crap hidden treasures.

So what have I learned from this garage sale?

  • have it in warmer weather. I am not a fan of this cold feeling.
  • While hanging clothes up seams like a good idea, it is so much extra work.
  • I say screw tagging the rest of the items. I am pricing it as people are interested.
  • Maybe I should have put the sale in the paper instead of only online.
  • I am freaking freezing and my tea is cold.
  • Next time I am making a trip to goodwill instead.
  • Maybe I shouldn’t have put that battery in the car for the kids because the wind is causing it to drive on itsown.

Mommy Confessions ~~ Back pain and butt cracks

Ren and Hubs sharing a quiet moment

Today I get a call from hubs.  He was at work and having kind of a bad day.  The call went something like this

Hubs: Hey, today stinks.  I’m not getting anything done correctly and my back is killing me.  (think whiney man voice***)

Me: Well, I’m sorry you’re having a bad day.  Why don’t you cut loose a couple of hours early and come home and rest your back.

Hubs:  I’ll see.  (he signs off about an hour or so later.  Love his employer and his flexibility at work!)

He gets home and sure enough, he’s pulled his back out.  I don’t believe he’s ever done this before, but I know from experience that it’s very painful.  I help him hobble to bed to lay down on the heating pad and make sure he’s comfy cozy (I’m a good wife like that 🙂 ).  I then head into the kitchen and get supper going.  A little while later, it’s supper time.  We have supper every night together as a family.  It’s important to us and one of the main priorities of our family. 

The kids and I are seated and I’m dishing out the grub.  In hobbles hubs in obvious pain.  He sat down as best he could and started filling up his plate.  The kids notice Daddy isn’t acting like he usually does.  Ren in particular notices.  Just for the sake of the story, I was standing at the counter getting out some ibuprofen for hubs at this point.

Ren:  Daddy what’s wrong?

Hubs:  Daddy hurt his back little buddy.

Ren: Oh, so do you have another crack in your butt?

At this point I am doubled over on the counter top laughing quietly.  Ren is so innocent and hysterical all at once.  He genuinely didn’t understand.  I turned around and sat back down, shoulders still shaking from hidden laughter.  I look at hubs and he has a smile running ear to ear.  Who knew back pain and butt cracks were related?  Hubs did explain to him what back pain was and that no, he didn’t have another crack in his butt.  I’m hoping Ren got the point….

***Yes, Hubs, you were a *wee bit* whiney today.  Just sayin’***

Wordless Wednesday

Did you know that there is a name for kids that have their front teeth missing and their gum’s all puffy?? The dentist calls this Ugly Duck Syndrome. Well even with that I still think he is pretty darn cute. I just hope it doesn’t take to long for those teeth to come back in.

What were they thinking.

You ever out and about you see something and all that comes to your mind is WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?

Well the other day I was out taking Evan to the dentist and it was about to start storming so we stopped by one of my favorite stores (I am never in this area so if I have an excuse to stop I will) As we are taking our time walking thru the store. (It is POURING outside) I am really just looking thru every isle. (I only had the 2 older ones.) So I am walking down the isle that has the makeup brushes and that sort of thing. The first thing I see was a spray on tanning thing not the can of stuff but the actual air compressor for a REAL spray tan. I am like huh that is pretty neat. (I love a good spray tan) So I am looking for the price and I stumble across something that blows my freaking mind.

What did I see? They had a tattoo machine for sale for any idiot over the age of 18 to buy. Can we say HELLO hepatitis and every other disease that you can get. There are going to be idiots out there that use and abuse that machine. I mean come on do you really want this getting into the hands of your kids? What is stopping a kid from getting someone else to go buy it for them. Do they really ID the people who buy it. WHAT ARE THEY THINKING. You don’t sell tattoo machines to anybody. You need to know what you are doing. COME ON.

So my prediction is we are going to see a lot of really bad home done tattoos coming up in the next generation. Gone is the art of tattoos and on to the Do it yourself tattoos coming back.

Now please keep in mind I have NOTHING against tattoos. I have 2 myself that I wish I didn’t have and well you can talk to Kandi about what she does or doesn’t have. But I can tell you this. I did go get mine done in a professional place. Well if you want to call the Smokey Mountain Tattoo Parlor a professional place. (Yup got at tattoo in Gatlinburg they passed out bumper stickers that said Eat me I am a Gatlinburger. It was a really classy place. NOT.. )

So the next time you are walking down the road and you see some idiot with a really bad tattoo. You know they bought their equipment from a store and did it themselves.

Mommy Confessions ~~ Manners = Uppity?

This morning, I’m scratching my head about something.  I’m hoping someone can enlighten me or help me out with this one.  Here is the scenario.

Last night about 8ish, I headed to the grocery store that’s right around the corner from my house.  It’s smaller, with smaller aisles, so you DO have to wait for someone to move to the side before you can proceed down an aisle.  I have no problem with this.  I actually like it because it causes people to interact and not just think about themselves (that’s a whole other topic though).  I finish gathering the items I need and head to the check lanes.  I check out and had 3 bags plus a gallon of milk.  No reason to push a whole cart out of the store for that.  So, I return the cart to its “home” and begin toward the door.  Right about then a lady comes rushing through the in door and runs smack into the bags I was carrying, almost knocking them out of my hands.  I looked up and said “I’m sorry, pardon me.”  Her reply “Get out of my way you uppity b-word”.  Um, what?  How does apologizing for something and saying excuse me mean I’m an uppity b?  Was she offended that I actually HAVE manners?  I really don’t get it. 

The thing is, I’ve been called something like this before.  At the same store.  It just really bothered me that I would get called a name for using manners.  Is the world really that rude a place these days?  I don’t live under a rock or anything, but I also don’t allow my family to get away with rude behavior.  Oh, I just don’t know.  Maybe I AM and uppity b and just don’t know it….HAHAHA.

Advice?  Insight?