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we still have some views over here so I just wanted to remind you to book mark our new page. We are No longer here we have moved to you don’t want to miss it. Also if you are a subscriber here please make sure you sign up over there also. HURRY we have some giveaways coming soon.


We are live at Mommy Confessions Blog

Good Morning everyone! In case you noticed (or didn’, our new site went live on Friday. Now, it’s live, but it still has some “bugs”. Let me say that I am super excited about the site, NOT the bugs 😉 There are a couple of things I need to share with you though. 1. In changing the site, the subscriptions you usually get aren’t going to show up for a few days. I have to change them manually (I know there probably is a better way). If you want to go ahead and subscribe yourself that would be awesome though! 2. In changing the subscriptions over, if you get something asking you to verify your subscription, hit yes. Or no. Your choice! 3. If you have Mommy Confessions Blog bookmarked, you will probably need to change that. Our old address was Http:// So head on over to the NEW Mommy Confessions Blog. You can also find us on twitter @momconfess Lastly, I’d like to thank you all for being so patient with us while we change everything over. Like I said, there are a few more tweeks to work out, but most of that is behind the scenes. Until then, enjoy our site! Let us know what you think as well. Good or bad, feedback is always welcome!

Mommy Confessions ~~ I’m a hippie?

I love music.  I’m not musical anymore, but at one time (read high school, junior high, and younger) I was REALLY into music.  I played the flute, joined the band, and went on to sing in choir, musicals and the “elite try-out” choir.  I have loved music for as long as I can remember.  I was brought up on ’70’s rock, bluegrass and country.  Yup, odd mix, I know. 

Then, I met hubs.  We are both “band nerds”.  Hubs introduced me to a jazz/funk fusion.  He loves it and I do as well. 

There is this great saxophone player that hubs went to school with.  He plays in various bands throughout Michigan and parts of Ohio.  This weekend he had a show and we went to see him play.  Oh, he is sooo good.  It was a night dedicated to Herbie Hancock and it was phenomenal!  It was a very rustic show.  Okay, it was a show, in a barn, at a farm.  Rustic and great sound!  It was something that takes place yearly and we will be returning. 

Here’s the thing.  I posted a clip of a show featuring this saxophone player on Facebook yesterday and said something to the effect of “This is who hubs and I saw this weekend.  He’s great.  While the music may not be everyone’s taste, we like it…”. 

So today, my brother posted a response.  No kidding, he said “I didn’t know you and hubs were part hippie.  This is a total jam band.  Watch out, hubs may start sporting tie-dye soon”.  I cracked up.  The main reason, hubs and I do not give off the “hippie” vibe, AT ALL!  We’ve been accused of being too “goodie-goodie” by this same brother.  Something like this from him is a serious compliment.  Yet, it made me smile to know that after a lot of years that I can still surprise my brother.  I think my “super cool big sister” ranking went up with that post.  Hey, if it takes him thinking I’m part hippie to be cool, then so be it.  I freely admit that I like to be the “cool big sister” again!

Disney Princesses On Ice

Does your little princess LOVE Disney Princesses as much as mine do? Then they will be so excited to attend Disney Princesses on Ice.

We have 2 locations here in the Dayton/ Cincinnati area.

Dayton will be having theirs at the Nutter Center on Sept 30- Oct 3

If you are interested in these showing you can use the CODE: MOM2


Restrictions: Not valid on Rinkside, Front Row, or VIP seats; limit 4 per transaction; no double discounts

TM Link to Dayton Disney On Ice:

If you are interested in the Cincinnati show at the US Bank Arena Oct 6-10 you get to



Restrictions: Not valid on Front Row or VIP seats; limit 4 per transaction; no double discounts

TM Link to Cincinnati Disney On Ice:

If you don’t live in the Dayton/ Cinci area have no fear Visit to find a venue near you.

***We have been provided tickets of our choice of shows to share these with you***

Mommy Confessions~ The man who cried FIRE!!

There once was a man that cried wolf.

He cried wolf all the time.

He complained of a heart attack.

He complained of pains everywhere.

He complained with pains even in his butt.

Once day he cried FIRE.

Once again we believed him but were shocked that the CRY was for real.

The man who cries wolf is my dad. Friday afternoon I recieved a phone call from my sister. This is basically how the phone call went.

Aye: Have you talked to dad?

Me: NO what is wrong now.

Aye: His field is on fire.

Me: What do you mean his field is on fire?

Aye: He said his field is on fire

Me: Did he start it?

Aye: Laughing that is what I asked.

Me: Let me call him and see what is going on.

Now I am pretty sure there were some not so great words in the mix here but you get the idea.

So I get off the phone with my sister and I call my dad. I did see that he had called me before my sister.

The phone call was basically the same except for did you call the fire department and his reply is No I am getting ready to leave for work. But the smoke is really bad. I am sure this was the first time during that conversation that I called him and idiot. I told him to call the fire department. So I then call my mom to come over and watch the kids so I can once again head up to his house and take care of things.

Once I get up there there are about 4 fire trucks and a few other vehicles. I had to park in the neighbors drive and walk over. When I got there I was actually shocked on how much had burned down and how by the grace of God it didn’t touch the house. I walked around checking to see how much or the field had burned down. The fire department was still there making a few rounds to make sure it was put out.

The odd thing about all of this is that there is a turkey pin there with 3 or 4 turkeys in it. The fencing is plastic and electric. You know the fire circled the fence and didn’t touch it. It burned a few inches from it but NEVER touched it at all.

My dad left to go to work since I was there and could take care of whatever needed to be done.  The fire department doesn’t know how it started but they are thinking that since it is so dry out and that there was a 2X4 in the field that maybe a piece of glass was on it and the sun hit it just right and started the fire. Who knows. I am glad that nobody was hurt and it was just a field. But later I did find out it was about 30-45 minuets after he noticed the fire that he called the fire department. We aren’t sure if he was in shock or really stupid enough to believe that it would die out on it’s own. It was a large space and it is a good thing he called when he did because the house would have been the next thing to go.

Mommy Confessions ~~ Big changes are coming!

Hi all.  I wanted to take a minute to thank Andrea for posting every. single. day. this week. 

I also wanted to give out a small teaser.  Starting next week (hopefully, if we did it right), Mommy Confessions Blog will look a tad bit different.  Not that it will change all that much, but hubs and I have been working diligently on an improved site for everyone! 

So, that’s where I’ve been hiding.  Be alert for the changes though…..I’m super excited!!


Mommy Review~ Costumes Discounters.

My kids love to dress up. I mean LOVE to dress up. Paisley is recently really getting into it. She sees her older sister with all of her princess outfits and she just had to have one of her own. So needless to say I was THRILLED when this came in the mail.

I decided since Halloween was coming soon. And our exciting trip to Disney World was coming it was time for Paisley to get her very first Princess costume and thanks to Costume Discounters they made it so easy to find the perfect Snow White costume for my little princess.

Costume Discounters has so many cool costumes. It was so hard to pick the PERFECT one for my little PRINCESS. They have adult costumes, infant and Toddler costumes, Boys, Girls,   Plus sizes, pets. Just about any kids of costume that you would need. I LOVE them.

Looking for the must have Batman costume for your 4 year old? Have no fear they can be found HERE. Or what about the Sultry costume for you? You can find it HERE.

You are going to love all the choices that they have. I had the hardest time picking out which one but in the end Paisley had to have Snow White. So head on over to Costume Discounters you will LOVE them as much as we do. The prices  are FABULOUS. So much that I plan on ordering the rest of our Halloween costumes and Disney outfits from here.

***I did receive a Snow white costume for Paisley to review. These are my own honest thoughts and feelings. Paisley loved this so much that she was so upset when I took it off of her. She just kept going NO MINE. We love it.The awesome legs and to cool cut off pj pants are not part of this review instead they belong to my hubby.***