What were they thinking.

You ever out and about you see something and all that comes to your mind is WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?

Well the other day I was out taking Evan to the dentist and it was about to start storming so we stopped by one of my favorite stores (I am never in this area so if I have an excuse to stop I will) As we are taking our time walking thru the store. (It is POURING outside) I am really just looking thru every isle. (I only had the 2 older ones.) So I am walking down the isle that has the makeup brushes and that sort of thing. The first thing I see was a spray on tanning thing not the can of stuff but the actual air compressor for a REAL spray tan. I am like huh that is pretty neat. (I love a good spray tan) So I am looking for the price and I stumble across something that blows my freaking mind.

What did I see? They had a tattoo machine for sale for any idiot over the age of 18 to buy. Can we say HELLO hepatitis and every other disease that you can get. There are going to be idiots out there that use and abuse that machine. I mean come on do you really want this getting into the hands of your kids? What is stopping a kid from getting someone else to go buy it for them. Do they really ID the people who buy it. WHAT ARE THEY THINKING. You don’t sell tattoo machines to anybody. You need to know what you are doing. COME ON.

So my prediction is we are going to see a lot of really bad home done tattoos coming up in the next generation. Gone is the art of tattoos and on to the Do it yourself tattoos coming back.

Now please keep in mind I have NOTHING against tattoos. I have 2 myself that I wish I didn’t have and well you can talk to Kandi about what she does or doesn’t have. But I can tell you this. I did go get mine done in a professional place. Well if you want to call the Smokey Mountain Tattoo Parlor a professional place. (Yup got at tattoo in Gatlinburg they passed out bumper stickers that said Eat me I am a Gatlinburger. It was a really classy place. NOT.. )

So the next time you are walking down the road and you see some idiot with a really bad tattoo. You know they bought their equipment from a store and did it themselves.


2 responses to “What were they thinking.

  1. Love the “what she has or doesn’t have” part…lol. I’m all for professional tattooing. I have 2 as well. Neither are in places that are obscene, but can be hidden super easily by clothing. You wouldn’t know I even had them unless I told you 😉 I don’t regret either, but would change one of them if given the chance.

  2. That would explain some of the tattoos I’ve seen recently. I think “what were they thinking” when I see people with obviously amature tattoos with mishapen and sloping letters and pictures. I wish I could hop in a time machine and have a little chat with them directly before they made THAT decision.

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