Mommy Confessions ~~ To the woman at Penn Station

I’m raving mad.  Yup, it’s a rare thing to even get me to this point, but I’m there.  Before I go and tell you why I’m so upset, let me set up the situation.

Hubs, Ren, CS and I went to Penn Station this afternoon for lunch (can we say yumminess and I will be fasting for the next 3 days to offset the calories?).  Everything with the food was fantastic.  We are sitting down enjoying our food when Ren falls off of his booster and starts to cry.  Loudly.  So, being a super polite Mom, I casually picked him up and carried him outside to calm him down.  Lest we bother anyone else. 

Ren and I are outside.  We were out there maybe about 5 minutes.  I kissed his boo-boo and snuggled him while sitting on the curb by the door.  He calmed down and we were preparing to go back and finish our lunch with Daddy and CS.  Right about then 4 ladies began approaching the door.  Two were in scrubs with the local hospital ID’s hanging from their uniforms.  The other 2 were plainly dressed.  As I started to stand up, one of the ladies curled her arms up (think “this is a stick up” pose) and said “eww, eww, special needs kids are still contagious”.  Without even thinking about it I shot up and yelled “Why the hell would you say that?” followed closely by “I hope you’re not referring to my son”.  They pretty much ignored me and went right on in.

This made me into a raving Mother for a while.  For a number of reasons.  I love lists, as you know, so here’s why.

1.  Special needs children aren’t contagious.

2.  You are with other women and you still acted like this?  Seriously?

3.  You’re an adult.  How about you act like one.

4.  Forgive me for being a polite mother and taking my child out of the restaurant to take care of him.  Next time, we’ll stay in and he can wail.

5.  Are you seriously a middle-aged woman?  Even my 2-year-old wouldn’t say something like that.

6.  Had my son, daughter and husband NOT been there lady, a VERY heated discussion probably would have taken place.  After my first knee jerk reaction, I instead chose to finish my lunch with my family.  Why should I allow a person with zero intelligence to ruin my lunch.

7.  Special needs children aren’t contagious!!!!!!!  The are children.  Why would you ever choose to hurt a child with your behavior or words? 

8.  I feel sorry for you.  You need an education. 

 So, if the woman who did this happens to read this, thank you for reminding me that ignorance is still very much alive.  You would be a shining example of it.  Oh, and not that it matters, but my son has no special needs.  He was just upset.  Thanks though…


5 responses to “Mommy Confessions ~~ To the woman at Penn Station

  1. That lady is lucky she ran into you and not me at Penn Station (where we coincidentally went to dinner last night!). Our youngest is 3 1/2 and has Down syndrome. I would have been totally offended by her comment and she would have gotten an earful. I’m not a confrontational person, but I will stand up for my kids or anyone else not capable of standing up for themselves. Her comment was out of line and completely unnecessary. Thanks for the attempt to set her straight even if she did ignore you. As a mom of a real special needs child, I salute you!

  2. Kandi, that is horrible. That lady obviously had no sense. What a terrible thing to say to anyone let alone a child.

  3. Andrea@mommyconfessionsblog

    That a VERY NASTY PERSON. I am really thinking a much worse word. The only thing in this situation that is contagious is STUPIDITY. Stupid people are really the worse. People like her need to be locked in a cage and not let out until they smarten up and learn not to be rude.
    Sorry you had to deal with stupid people. She must not have kids.

  4. I used to be a director at an organization for individuals with disabilities – and know first hand the ignorance you speak of. I have to admit that I STILL confront this type of behavior no matter where I encounter it. Especially in public. And I don’t apologize. Ever.

  5. Oh my gosh!! The nerve of some people! I cannot believe that this woman had the gull to say anything, especially in such a rude manner! I think if I were in that situation I would have been a lot more rude and catty to her, but that’s the Irish woman in me talking. Therefore, I’m impressed with you , “keeping your cool”, even if it was just on the children’s behalf. At least this is a good lesson for them, to tell them how to NOT act. Ever.

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