Mommy Confessions~Hoarding anyone?

I am raising a hoarder. My my 7 yr old is a HOARDER. I feel so much better now that I have that out in the open. Every time I turn around I am finding more and more CRAP hidden treasures he finds. Today is no different. YES I realize that right now as I am writing it is not even 9am.

I was upstairs making his bed and once again JUNK flies out of his bed. He had found a empty bottle of soda and it was hidden under his pillow and he also had the packaging to little people. NOT THE LITTLE PEOPLE JUST THE PACKAGING. The kid can’t throw anything away. And even when I do throw it away he will go into the trash and pick it out. As if having a hoarder isn’t bad enough I have to have a TRASH PICKING HOARDER.

It isn’t like I make him play with sticks and paper towels. He has TONS of toys. He has TONS of things to do but yet he continues to pull stuff out of the trash to “MAKE” something out of. But is all that happens is that he hides it and I end up finding it in strange places and have to throw it away only to find it a few days later again hidden.

What am I going to do with him. I don’t want to see him on TV 5 years down the road with his own series on TLC of I am the youngest hoarder.


7 responses to “Mommy Confessions~Hoarding anyone?

  1. Give him a shoebox to put his treasures in, and tell him that anything not in the shoebox will be thrown away, and the box can only have what fits in it with the lid on. That way he can have some of it for projects, and the rest gets thrown out. 🙂

    • Andrea@mommyconfessionsblog

      Great idea. I would try that except for he has taken all the shoe boxes out of the trash and is hoarding them also. LOL

  2. One of mine was a hoarder of the silliest degree. She accessed & hoarded all of my ziploc sandwich bags — and then would stuff them full of yarn, sticks, rocks, polly pocket clothes, pieces of paper, just random crap! The only good was that we could instantly tell what was just crap (& dispose of it while she was sleeping) and what stuff we needed to sort through & put away.

    Unfortunately…she now hoards the crap under her bed. And it’s much bigger. ::sigh::

  3. lol – oh my I can relate – both my girls hoard their stuff – we have so many stuffed animals that I can hardly stand it anymore. I need to clean house when they are not here but then I worry I might throw away a “treasure”.


    My 8 year old daughter is exactly like your son! I find so much junk in her room, it is just crazy! I have watched the Horder’s show on TLC with her, and I think it scares her into getting rid of stuff. Everytime I try to get rid of things and she fights me, I remind her of the show and she’ll allow it!
    She has always been like this, when she was about 2 I found a stash of cheetos in her t-shirt drawer. Not in a bag or anything, just in there loose. She said she was just saving them!

  5. It might be helpful to ask him why he feels like he has to save these items. He might be feeling stress that you aren’t aware of and this is his only way to “control” the situation/his feelings.

  6. Maybe your son is simply wishing for more creativity? Perhaps integrating more arts & crafts time may help him take his mind off the garbage he keeps trying to “make” stuff out of? I used to make stuff for art fairs then sell them with my mom when I was younger- it helped me be creative yet detach from the stuff I made- and it was fun! ♥

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