Mommy Review and giveaway~IGIGI

I love pretty dresses. When I was younger I used to wear them all of the time. But as I have gotten older and well bigger I don’t wear them as much. (I very rarely wear a dress.) But when I had the chance to wear an IGIGI I JUMPED at the chance.
IGIGI has BEAUTIFUL dresses and guess what THEY ARE FOR PLUS SIZE WOMEN. They fit where they should and don’t cling to the places they shouldn’t. I am not normally the person to buy a dress online and wear it. 9 times out of 10 it doesn’t fit right and basically I end up wasting money. But with IGIGI that wasn’t the case. It fit perfect. They have sizes 12-32.

A few days after the dress came in I was invited to an event that I would need to dress up A LOT more than I normally do (pj’s and jeans weren’t acceptable). It was at the Dayton Art Institute and the dress fit in perfectly. I loved how the dress felt I loved that it glided across the floor I loved the colors or the dress. I got tons of compliments on the dress and TONS of where did you get it from.

That is what I wore. (I wish that was me I have decided I want to work for IGIGI and be their model.)
There is nothing on the site that I wouldn’t wear. Matter of fact if I would have known about IGIGI about 8 years ago I would have wore this to my wedding.

Lets just say if a box showed up at my door with the whole line in it. I wouldn’t be upset with any of it. ( I would lost likely scream so loud like I had won the lotto.)  I would probably wear it all the time even to walmart. I LOVE IGIGI.

IGIGI doesn’t just have dresses they have some suits, pants, sweaters and shirts also. I LOVE THIS ONE.

So now to the fun part. HELLO GIVEAWAY. IGIGIhas been kind enough to give up a $100 gift cert to 1 lucky viewer.

Here are the rules.

You must like IGIGIon facebook.

after you like them on facebook go over to and pick out what you would love to wear and where you would wear it to. Leave it on IGIGI’S facebook page. under their giveaways (I had a hard time finding the spot for giveaways. But your will see a >> symbol click on that then go to events click on it and it will say giveaways.) Make sure to put Mommy Confessions Blog on there so that we know where you are coming from.

Those first ones are Mandatory to enter the giveaway.

Here are a few extra ways to enter

Subscribe to our blog.

Like us on facebook

Tweet about the giveaway using #igigigiveaway and #mommyconfessionsblog linking it to the post.

Follow us on twitter.

Post about why Igigi dresses makes woman feel BEAUTIFUL linking it back to here.

It is that simple. Good luck. As always please leave a comment each time you do this.The giveaway ends on Sept 22 at 10pm.

***I was provided my dress from Igigi. I love it all on my own. These are my honest opinions. The dress speaks for itself. I love it so much. THANKS IGIGI for making me feel so special.***



53 responses to “Mommy Review and giveaway~IGIGI

  1. Gorgeous apparel! Thanks for a great find!
    I liked on Facebook. However, there was no giveaway (>>) tab!
    So, I post on wall and will check back for the giveaway tab!

  2. I’m a dedicated subscriber!

  3. I follow you both on Twitter!!

  4. ok I couldn’t find where to put it on IGIGI so I just put it on there main page I love there evening gowns yours is beautiful.

  5. I left a comment on their facebook page! I love the Jackie two in one!

  6. I like IGIGI on Facebook (charming linda)

    lyromero77 at gmail dot com

  7. I posted comment on their IGIGI contests wall (charming linda)

    lyromero77 at gmail dot com

  8. I like Mommy Confessions Blog on Facebook (charming linda)

    lyromero77 at gmail dot com

  9. I follow @daisiesforu & @shevigirl on twitter @luvlybrunette77

    lyromero77 at gmail dot com

  10. e-mail subscriber

    lyromero77 at gmail dot com

  11. I like Igigi on FB and left a comment about how much I want the femme fatale suit.

  12. Subscribed to mommy confessions via my gmail account.

  13. ilike the Black Magic Gown
    and we have holiday events that i always want to go to

  14. I liked them and posted on their page.

  15. Their clothes make women feel beautiful because they are gorgeous and you can tell by the way they are draped and the way that they fall that they are well designed! So nice!

  16. I subscribed via email

  17. i like you on facebook

  18. I follow you both on twitter – karlatrx

  19. You have to go to events, it’s listed there as an event. I did it all- liked y’all on Facebook, entered the contest, and subscribed… I LOVE their clothes. I’m actually exploring their bridal boutique right now for the future…


    im a fan on fb name i posted name erica best

  21. im a fan on fb name erica best

  22. im following @purplelover04

  23. Following IGIGI on facebook and posted on their page about my favorite item.

    mickeycoutts at yahoo dot com

  24. Following purplelover04 on Twitter.

    mickeycoutts at yahoo dot com

    • Andrea@mommyconfessionsblog

      Thanks for following and entering but just to let you know Purplelover04 is not one of our writers she is just a viewer. You would need to be following Daisiesforu (which you are) and Shevigirl. Thanks

  25. Following daiseysforu on Twitter.

    mickeycoutts at yahoo dot com

  26. Tweeted about the giveaway.

    mickeycoutts at yahoo dot com

  27. Posted about why IGIGI dresses make women feel and look beautiful.

    mickeycoutts at yahoo dot com

  28. Following your blog.

    mickeycoutts at yahoo dot com

  29. Following IGIGI on FB and left a comment.

    (as Trish P. Deitemyer)

  30. I liked Igigi on FB and left a comment.

    -trish p. deitemyer

  31. I subscribed via email.

    -trishydee at gmail dot com

  32. I liked you on FB!

    (trish p. deitemyer)

  33. Following you both on Twitter as @kindareal.

  34. Tweeted!

  35. Totally love the Lola dress – have loved Igigi forever – their clothes look good year after year


  36. Started following you – and have to say – I love your blog. Without the giveaway I wouldn’t have found you – so kudos to you.

  37. 9/21 i tweeted
    purple_lover_04 at msn dot com

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