Mommy Confessions~ Justification?

As mom’s I think most of the time we looking for justification. Whether it is from our spouse knowing we haven’t sat around all day long doing nothing. Or friends stopping by thinking wow they have a clean house or I can understand why there are toys all over the place.

All to often I worry what people think. Especially when it comes to my house. I don’t worry about if my house is nice enough or big enough or fancy enough. I don’t even worry about if people like the decor. I worry about whether my house is clean enough.

This past Monday my Aunt and Uncle came into town. My Aunt and Uncle are well how do I put this. Growing up they tended to have the better than you attitude. We  or at least I could always feel the back handed compliment from them.  For example my Uncle told me when I was about 16 that I had a pretty face to bad I was fat. Oh yes thank you for that scar. Even though they are this way we still love them. (They have gotten better with age)  So my Aunt and Uncle were over. They house was clean EXCEPT my dreaded laundry room. It was a mess. (I have been working on cleaning all the old clothes out of the kids room and they have all ended up in the laundry room along with switching out for the new school stuff and everything else really my laundry room is ALWAYS a mess.) Typically when people come over. (Unless you are a really close friend) They will go thru the front door and NOT my laundry room to get into the house. Well when they got there they came in thru the front door. They all came in and sat down. My Aunt then goes. I don’t know how you do it. I don’t know how you have 4 small kids and still have time to clean and do everything else. I just smiled. It gave me a little JUSTIFICATION. That was until later.

After dinner we all went outside. The kids wanted to show them how they can ride a bike and all that fun stuff. So just then for some reason my aunt needed to go back in the house and Evan took her thru my dreaded laundry room. I wanted to crawl in a hole and die. My Aunt comes back out and goes. It is nice to see that you are human. JUSTIFICATION or back handed compliment I have no clue.

Sometimes we all need JUSTIFICATION. So next time you go over to a friends house and you know that they are at the end of their rope. Make a little comment like WOW I don’t know how you do it. You might just make them feel better about the things they get done and not make them feel bad for the things they can’t finish.


3 responses to “Mommy Confessions~ Justification?

  1. Having come in both ways at your house, let me reassure you that your laundry room looks just like mine (and probably any with several small kids). I don’t remember ever seeing your house messy or gross of anything. Even when I’ve stopped by unexpectedly. For your house and the number of kids in it, I don’t know how you even keep the living room as spotless as it is. Much less the whole thing!!

  2. When my Mom & Step Dad was here visiting . I made homemade donuts for them and when I walked to the table with 1 donut and he said NO wonder your fat! made me so darn mad. here he is making that comment to me when he is 400lbs . he made me feel like I was a beach whale. I couldn’t wait for them to leave and go home. I’m like you if I know someone is coming over I stress out trying to get my house perfect. I don’t know why I’m like this My Daughter Tiffany says mom your house is alway’s clean I have never seen it dirty . but I told her I know when its Dirty and it feels dirty to me . Andrea I think your doing a Great Job your house looks clean to me and you take Great care of your kids.

    • Andrea@mommyconfessionsblog

      Thanks Deb. You so need to teach me to make donuts. I don’t like donuts but my kids and hubby all love them. I agree with Tiffany your house is NEVER dirty.

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