Mommy Confessions~ Taking the first ride with Strider.

Over the summer the kids and I had some goals that we wanted to achieve. Some we got to do some we didn’t. (hence we never made it to the aquarium.) One thing I didn’t think we were going to accomplish was learning to ride a 2-wheeler for Scarlett. She really showed no interest. That was until Friday.

Let me go back to the beginning of the summer. Scarlett has been riding a Strider. If you don’t know what Strider is you are totally missing out. Strider is a bike that has no petals.

Advantages of a Strider™ PREbike

Your child can learn to ride a bike sooner and safer with a Strider™.

Designed for children, ages 1 – 5, the Strider™ running bike holds several advantages over ordinary beginner’s bikes.  The Strider™ will:

Give your child a head start.

The Strider™ teaches balance and coordination
The Strider™ teaches balance and coordination
Healthy kids develop essential motor skills early in life.  Pediatricians agree that learning balance, coordination with exercise jump-starts a child’s growth and development.
Enter the Strider™ PREbike.
The Strider™ teaches your child balance, coordination and develops glittering confidence. Trikes and bikes with training wheels don’t.  Traditional bicycles place too much of the focus on learning to pedal — skimping on developing your child’s motor skills.  And tricycles are heavy, clunky and difficult for kids to control.
Bike riding becomes a breeze when you teach your child balance and coordination before pedaling.  The Strider™ takes pedaling out of the mix so that kids can concentrate solely on learning balance, which takes more practice.  Pedaling is a secondary skill that kids can easily learn within a few short minutes.

Honestly at first I was skeptical I was like really how is this really going to help my kids ride their bike. Scarlett rode her Strider all summer long. (She loved the fact that it was PINK)  Then on Friday she came to be and said she was ready to learn to ride her 2-wheeler. Well with OH weather we had to wait and the fact that we had to go buy a new tire since the old one got popped. So daddy headed off to the store on Saturday to get a new tire and Sunday when the rain cleared we headed off to Nanny’s house (our driveway isn’t long enough to teach  we only have a small part that is paved the rest is gravel.)  So across the street to Nanny’s house we went. Daddy went and fixed the tire and she came out with her bike hopped on the bike and took off. She looked like she had been riding it for years.  I was like HELLO STRIDER I can’t believe how well it worked. No falling kids on the ground screaming. No look Scarlett we aren’t holding you and then her panicking and crashing. Just plain ol let me get on my bike by myself and take off. We honestly couldn’t have done it this quickly with out Strider’s help. I am sure she would have learned sooner or later but we would have taken TONS of falls, bumps and bruises. She was able to take off on her bike ALL ON HER OWN. It was AMAZING.
Because Strider is so awesome and I believe in this so much we are doing a totally awesome giveaway. What are we doing a giveaway on? A Strider bike of your own.
Here is how to enter.

  • Leave us a comment telling us what you remember about learning to ride a bike.
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  • RT: Teach your kids to ride with a #strider. #MommyConfessionsblog has 1 to giveaway.
  • Head over to Strider and tell us your favorite color and who would be the lucky kid to ride the Strider.
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  • Blog or Facebook about this giveaway and link it back to this page.

As always please be sure to leave a comment along with your email each time you complete an entry.  Contest ends on September 8 @10pm.  Winner will be chose at

***I was given a Strider to review. These are my honest opinions. We love the Strider all on our own. Thanks for the chance to review such a great product. We can’t wait for the next kid to use it to.***


44 responses to “Mommy Confessions~ Taking the first ride with Strider.

  1. I learned to ride a bike by my older brother and it didn’t take very long. I had to progress into it (with the 3 wheeler on up).

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  7. I learned to ride a bike like I learned to drive a car….my dad put me on the bike, held the seat for a minute, pushed me and let go and said…”You better start peddaling….” Needless to say it was quite traumatic, but it was kinda like taking off a bandaid…quick and easy…. (too bad I needed a few band-aids after that ride! Lol)

  8. My favorite Strider bike color is green. However, we would probably end up with the blue one since the bike would be for my 5 year old son who loves ANYTHING blue!

  9. I remember taking my favorite blankie with me to learn how to ride a bike, for just in case I fell!

  10. I love you on FB!

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  12. well we lived out in Desert in Arizona so learning to ride a bike was rough when you crashed like I did. hitting dirt with rocks really hurt. but after trying and trying I did it.

  13. What I remember about learning to ride a bike…Falling head first over the handlebars and getting some first-class cuts and brush burns. I did love that purple bike thought with tassles on the handlebars and a sparkly banana seat. I used to have those plastic things you clipped on the wheel spokes that made noise…Ah, the late 80’s : )

  14. I think the neatest color is green, but yellow is cool too. We would like something neutral so when our DD gets done with it we can hand it down to her future siblings.

  15. I just remember my red banana seat bike

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  19. i remember falling over many times when first learning to ride a bike!!

  20. my favorite color of bikes is green…the bike would be for my son!! He would love it!!

  21. retweeted 🙂

  22. I really don’t remember how I learned. My 3 sisters and I shared one bike for a long time. I suppose when it was my turn I just did it ~ or else I would lose a turn! I could use this for one of my sons that just can’t get the hang of his bike!

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  24. I remember how hard it was to balance and work the pedals all at once

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  27. My girls would go gaga for the PINK

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  30. Oh, how I remember! BOOM, right into a tree (without training wheels)! I thought I could really handle it. But found out the hard way!!

  31. I follow both Andrea and Kandi on Twitter! Woo hoo!

  32. I tweeted too!

  33. I would choose the Strider™ PREbike – Pink! For my lovely 4-year-old daughter, who like her mom could use a easy helper!!

  34. Chavon Riggins Smith

    I’m a subscriber!!

  35. I’m a fan of Strider on facebook!!

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  37. I learned to ride with my dad and I remember going for a long ride while still having my training wheels, well i didnt do very well 😉

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  39. like green and yellow

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