Mommy Confessions ~~ I LOVE these pics.

It’s Friday and I know most people aren’t reading a blog.  Yet, I was scrolling through the pictures we took during our staycation last week.  I will post more about that later, but for now, here are 2 pictures of my hubs and a couple of the kids that I just love!  I’m by no means a photo buff.  My camera is a FujiFilm Finepix S2000HD.  I waited for 2 years to save up the money to go and get the camera I wanted.  That was the one I chose.  It has yet to ever let me down!  My only wish is that I had one a bit smaller or purse sized to carry with me all the time.  While I adore my FujiFilm, there are those times when pulling out a small digital would be wonderful.  So, I thought I’d share my latest pictures and also ask you for recommendations for small, purse sized, everyday, travel friendly cameras. 

Now, for the pictures.  They were taken on a super sunny afternoon at a local lake.  The kids LOVE it there, so we try to visit it as often as possible during the summer!   These are a few of my favorite ones from our last visit.  I’m in love with the way the ones with hubs in them turned out.  I didn’t enhance or fix them at all.  I DID crop them a little and change one from color to black and white, otherwise, it was all luck and glare and lighting.

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