Mommy Confessions ~~ My regret.

My life is my life.  I honestly don’t regret a lot.  Sure, everyone has some things they would do over.  This is my biggest regret EVER!  Now, let’s go back in time…

I was about 5 or 6 years old.  It’s the early ’80’s.  I lived with my grandmother (Mimi) and she LOVED to yard sale!  On one such “shopping spree” she found me a Barbie house.  I HUGE Barbie house.  It was a 3 piece, 2 story, A-frame Barbie house.  All decked out in those wonderful 1970’s colors of harvest yellow, burnt orange and fake flowers.  I was IN LOVE!  I played with this house for years.  Even after it was no longer “cool” for a kid of my age to play Barbie’s, I would still sit in my room and just play with it.

(photo of the Barbie house I owned.  This is from an eBay listing)

Fast forward a few years and this house is now stored in the garage at my Mom’s house.  Oh, I tried to take it with me when I moved, but hubs and I always had a small apartment.  No room for this mammoth Barbie house.  Plus, it IS a little odd that I would have it in our apartment.  We didn’t have children at that time. 

We purchased our house about 2 years ago (wow, has it been that long…sheesh, I need to paint!).  Right around this time, my Mom decided she HAD to clean everything out of the garage and get rid of it.  Fabulous timing.  We were in the middle of packing up our apartment and moving into our house.  I was given a ultamatum.  Either “come and take it or I’ll sit it on the curb and see if someone wants it”.  In my stressed out with moving mentality I replied “well, the girls aren’t into Barbie so do whatever Mom”.  She called me a few days later and said “I put it out by the curb and a lady that lives down the road ask me if she could have it for her little girls”.  I was happy.  At least it would be played with again.  Little girls and Barbie go hand in hand.

Now, I wasn’t sure my girls would ever be into Barbie.  Guess what?  They are.  Both of them.  BIG TIME!  Now, A and CS are both asking for a Barbie house to play with.  The first night I heard A say “Please let Mommy tell Santa that all I want is a Barbie house”, I cried.  For around 27 or so years I had the most awesome Barbie house.  I could have rescued it.  I could have ask Mom to hold it for just a bit longer.  I didn’t.  I let it go.  I know Mom didn’t have the room to store it anymore.  I know it is being loved by 2 very sweet little girls.  I also know that I’ve kicked around going right up to the little girls’ Mom and ask to purchase the house from her.  Yet, I can’t.  So, this is, one of the few regrets in my life.  I allowed my much-loved, much cherished and much played with Barbie house slip right out of my hands.  I regret it. 

Do you have any toys you wish you could get back from childhood?  Or am I the only one?


2 responses to “Mommy Confessions ~~ My regret.

  1. Oh yes I do I also had alot of barbie’s and neat house and furniture and camping van the revolving kitchen that I wished I would of kept for my girls and now my Grand Daughter is into Barbies big time .

  2. Andrea@mommyconfessionsblog

    I had the same doll house until about last year. When Evan was about 4 Tommy decided to give Evan his own screw driver set. ( I have no clue why he thought a 4 yr old should have a screw driver set) Anyways Evan went up stairs to the guest room where I kept the doll house and he took it all apart. He then proceeded to break all of the red roof pieces. Tommy knew it had happened and never told me until 1 day I went up to vacuum the room and saw it in 1000’s of pieces. Needless to say it ended up going in the trash.

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