Mommy Confessions~This game of Monopoly I don’t like.

I am not a Monopoly game player nor am I a fan of Monopoly in the corporate world. The consumer always ends up getting screwed in both games. Well lately I have ended up loosing in the corporate game of Monopoly.

In the area that I live in there is only 1 power company DP&L. Last week I had DP&L come out to my house to pick up a fridge it is part of their program to save on energy and waste. They pay you to come get it and they take it away and you don’t have to deal with it. GREAT PROGRAM. Anyways while I was out there dealing with the workers one of them mubles something and then disappears off into my back yard. I walk back to see what he is doing and he is PEEING IN MY BACK YARD. (yes we live in the country yes people have peed in my back yard yes i have thought a few of my friends kids to pee in my back yard but NOT A STRANGER) This just isn’t cool in my book. So I do what any good blogger would do I quickly shut the garage door and go into my house and tweet and facebook about it. I really didn’t know what else to do. DP&L got wind of my tweet and called me we talked and joked about it. The lady explained that they hire contractors blah blah blah. Then she sent me a hand written letter. Which I really appreciated because NOBODY sends hand written letters anymore. So that issues was resolved.

Then yesterday comes. Now our power goes out on a regular basis. When the hurricane came thru here in 2008 we were the last people to get out power back we were told we were LOW priority. We understood that we aren’t in the city and we made due. But yesterday I was on the phone talking with a company (yes readers be excited about who I was talking to SHH I can’t tell you who but it deals with our readers YIPPIE)  and I had to quickly get off the phone because I NASTY storm came thru. The sky turned black, nasty wind, rain and hail came thru. Well the power went out shocker right. Since it goes out ALL THE  FREAKING TIME. So I call DP&L (because they are on speed dial) and they tell me it will be back on in 2 hours. 2 hours pass and guess what NO POWER. So I call back they tell me it will be on by 6pm. (keep in mind it went off at 115pm) So 6pm comes and goes and still NO POWER. So I load the older 3 up and take them to get ice cream (thank goodness my mom stopped and brought us dinner home) and to hit Sams club for some diapers. We we get back at around 8pm and still NO POWER. So I call them again they tell me they haven’t even sent out crews and that they can’t do anything about it. I ask if I should go else where and she tells me it might be a good idea. I ask if they are going to pay for it and she laughs and asks why they would do that. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME. So just then my mom calls and needs to go to walmart so I load up the older 2 and we head off to walmart. Around 10 pm Tommy calls and tells me we have power. So when we got home we had power. Then it starts raining and guess what. THE POWER GOES OFF AGAIN. We had power for oh about 15 minuets until it went off again. The house was so hot. It storming something nasty. And we have no power. PERFECT.  Luckly the little ones slept thru even though they didn’t have their fans on. I got the older 2 calmed down around midnight and they were asleep on my chair and couch. Then Tommy and I went to bed and I pulled out the battery operated fan and put it by my head so I could sleep (yes I have a small addiction to my fan) The power came back on a little after 2am.

This is insane. While I understand that somethings are out of a company’s control but this is crazy. It is 2010 and we can clone human’s but we can’t keep power on. (This was quoted by my husband along with I bet Edison is laughing his A%S off. )

It isn’t like I live in an area that I can go and choose what company I use. I only have 1 choice. DP&L. I live in the country it isn’t like I still have water when the power goes out. We live on a well our pump is electric. No power equal no water. That also means no flushing toilets. OH YES THE JOYS OF COUNTRY LIVING. In the cold when the power goes out we have no head. Yes we are on propane but the furnace is run by electric. (this past winter we were out of power for 2 days during a snow storm. )

So in others words I am tired of living in a Monopoly where DP&L always wins.


One response to “Mommy Confessions~This game of Monopoly I don’t like.

  1. I have CL&P and its the same here in CT. Out in the country,but we do have a gas and wood stove so that helps

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