Mommy Confessions~Milson Road Daily Portrait review/giveaway

One day I came home to this HUGE box sitting at my front door. I was excited to see what was in it. (Not knowing what was about to come out of the box) It was a Milson Road Daily Portrait. As I was reading it tears were streaming down my face.  Why you ask? Because it was BEAUTIFUL. Words can’t be expressed on how lovely this item is.

Milson Road Daily Portrait is this picture that appears to be a newspaper.

It has person info about the day that you have chosen.

  • Event date and reason
  • Name
  • Photo this is optional
  • Event location (this could be the church, hospital, hall, ect)
  • Event details (baby weight, lenght, that sort of thing)

I chose Paisley my #3. I entered her Name city she was born in and birthday. I also entered my name. (Note if you are mommy and daddy put mommy and daddy not your name.) They did the rest.

There is so much in this. It has a horoscope area. It has news headlines for that day. It has the price of gas. There is so much. Every time I look at it I see new

and exciting events.

Milson Road’s Daily Portrait isn’t only for children you can use it for other events.

  • birthdays
  • graduations
  • anniversaries
  • bar & bat mitzvahs
  • graduations
  • and any other special days

Matter of fact I was telling my sister about this and she mentioned how special this would be when the kids get older. I really think this is a focal point of a room. When someone walks into the room it is they will notice it and start talking about the Milson Road Daily Portrait. It really is stunning.

Anybody would love this one of a kind gift. I know I would.

On Friday June 25 Domestic Debacle and I are hosting a Milson Road  Daily Portrait event. Attending will be some of our blogger friends. At this event there will be a giveaway for a Milson Road Daily Portrait. But that isn’t fair to my readers now is it? So I am doing a giveaway here for a Milson Road Daily Portrait valued at $165. This is a great giveaway.

The glare isn’t included. LOL

Ways to enter.

  • Subcribe to Mommy Confessions blog
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  • Follow us on twitter
  • tweet about the event using the words #mommyconfessionsblog #giveaway #milsonrd and link it back to
  • Tweet with us during the event using #momblogparty We will start our parting at 7 on Friday June 25.
  • Leave comments on other posts
  • Blog about the giveaway
  • Refer a friend. If they enter have them leave your name
  • If you attend the party say so. You can have an extra entry

Please be sure to leave your name and email each time you do an entry.  Also please make sure you do what you are saying we do check.

**I did receive a Milson Road Daily Portrait to review. However this did not change the fact of how much I LOVE it.** Thanks MomSelect

Giveaway ends July 8 at 10pm winner will be chosen using


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