Mommy Confessions Mom Guide

Mommy Confessions Mom Guide  is a guide of items that we LOVE. And we really think you will to. We will have a couple installments of this. Hope you enjoy.

Are you like my husband and crazy about the sun. Tommy is a sunscreen crazy person. Me not so much but I am working on it. With Sunny Sleevez we meet in the middle. Sunny Sleevez has many things that are great about them.

  • Can be worn on arms or legs.
  • You don’t get stuff on your clothes or furniture.
  • Perfect for little ones.
  • Perfect for sensitive skin.
  • No harsh chemicals.
  • Can be worn with dresses or short sleeve tops.
  • You can wear over and over again. Just throw it in the wash.
  • Great for car seat and stroller cover
  • It looks really cool.
50+SPF Fabric Sun Protection SleeveZ
“Light as a feather, Cool as a breeze”
Slip them on in the sun, Slide them off when you are done!

FACT: Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the USA today
FACT: UV rays cannot be felt and are present whether or not it is hot outside.
FACT: It takes less than 11 minutes for the sun to irreparably damage your skin

So head on over to

Who Loves the Little Lamb? By Lezlie Evans has quickly became a favorite in my house hold. My kids adore this book. I love the story and the illustrations. This book is sure to make your kids smile and you. One of my favorite ones from the book is Who loves the Noisy bird?  “Sing sweetly please, you’ll still be heard.” Mama loves her little bird. But this by far is the best. It even brings a tear to your eye. “Tell me , Mama, is it true do you care the whole day through?  Even when I do things wrong, do you love me all day long.”

This is such a sweet book if I saw it at a friends it is one of those types of books that I would have to run out and get the next day. You can take a look at Lezlie Evan’s page right HERE So hope on over and order one you will love it to.

One The Cuff is this awesome sponge that you put on your wrists that keep your clothes and everything else WET. You can use them when you are

  • washing your face
  • washing dishes
  • washing the car
  • cleaning the shower
  • and tons more.

My kids love to even stick them in the bath with them.

You are sure to love On The Cuff you sleeves will thank you. I just wish there was one for my neck so that when I wash my face or my daughters hair our shirts don’t get wet.

So head on over to On The Cuff to order yours today.

KangaRoom is a must  for any mom to check out. As I am trying to add more organization into my life and  KangaRoom’s Neat Nursery comes to save the day. It is the wonderful storage bins. You can add labels so that you know just what you are looking for. I personally have part of the Neat Nursery and I LOVE IT.

KangaRoom isn’t just for the Nursery that is just my favorite area. They have items to organize your office, kitchen, bathroom really just about any area in your home.

So what are you waiting for head on over to KangaRoom and check out all the cool stuff they have.

After having my last child my skin on my face became so dry. Actually dry is an understatement. It was so dry it hurt. Not only did it hurt but it flaked then came the itching. OMG it was awful. Just them Greenstations came to my rescue.  Their ThermaSkin, Skin repair stick is the BEST. At first I was a little leery I mean it is made with Cayenne Peppers and Swiss apples. It seamed like an odd combination but let me tell you it WORKS. My face cleared up in no time. I just rubbed some on my face a few times a day and within no time the itchy flakes were GONE. It even works on your lips if you have chapped lips.

Greenstations has many other “Natural” products. ThermaScalp to help with dry scalp, ThemmaFeet which helps with circulation and helps with foot pain.

You will be sure to love Greenstations head on over to check them out.

Let’s Get Ready For Kindergarten!

Let’s Get Ready For Kindergarten! Is a great guide to get your child ready to head into the best years of their life. I am a firm believe that the basis of a child’s education starts in kindergarten. So why not make it the best year and have them ready for what they will be learning. My oldest daughter isn’t into wanting to do school work. But with Let’s Get Ready for Kindergarten she enjoyed sitting down and doing “school work”

The book goes over

  • right/left hands
  • seasons of the years
  • Phone number
  • money
  • counting
  • words
  • colors
  • shapes
  • and so much more

Let’s Get Ready for Kindergarten isn’t only for English it also comes in Spanish.So you can get iA Prepararse Para Kindergarten (aren’t you proud of me I am not a Spanish speaking person.) Along with Let’s Get Ready For Kindergarten there is also Let’s Get Ready for First Grade.

My kids have really enjoyed working with these books and it took the fight out of learning with my daughter.

So head on over to Let’s Get Ready for Kindergarten and order your very own. You will not be sorry.

We will be having a giveaway for On the Cuff.

Ways to enter.

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****I was given each of these items to review. These are my honest opinions. Thanks so much to each of our participants in the mom’s guide.


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  1. These are so neat!! How many times the water runs up your arms!! Perfect for washing dishes!! Thanks

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  4. Wipes are my favorite! You have them to change a diaper to the older kids to wash their hand and face!

  5. victoria lester

    I’d use them to wipe off kitchen stuff, counters etc.
    flophasit at yahoo dot com

  6. victoria lester

    I follow on facebook. I’m victoria lester

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    I’m a twitter follower. I’m @victoria99999

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    I subscribed.

  9. victoria lester

    My favorite item from above is the Kangaroom. That sure would organize things around here.

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