Wordless Wednesday Cat-astophe

These are my kitties

They have been mentioned on here before.

They are VERY HAIRY!

AND, they are old.

In the 11 years we’ve had them,

we’ve never gotten the dreaded “F” word.


Until this weekend.

So, we shaved them.

And bathed them.

This is what they looked like before.

This is what they look like now.

This is one Pet Mom who doesn’t fight fair!

I will win this battle.

Even if my dear, old baby kitty looks at me with his evil eye.

After all, shaving is a lot easier than trying to hold them down to comb them.

Sorry Payson and Anna Banana.

I know you’re angry.

I, on the other hand, am glad you are now



2 responses to “Wordless Wednesday Cat-astophe

  1. I love my babies and your’s are too cute ! Look at how you ticked them of,boy are they mad at you!!
    I know the tick & flea meds I give mine is too strong ,I followed the directions and it really bothered them,getting sick and weak(for a day) . I had to cut the medicine in half and that works. I have 3 cats,Rosie who looks just like your black and white cat,Bubba a grey cat(I first named Princess Mia until I found out from the vet she was a he) and Ebbie ,my all black baby who is the sweetest,I had to bottle feed her until she was 4 months old)They are all from the same family and found when a week old,so I had to hand feed them, they play outside during the day ,so I find ticks on them now and then(deer ticks ,Lyme Disease area)
    I do use the meds because I want them safe but not so much that they get sick.I think cat owners have to watch how their cats react when given the flea and tick medicine. I know I do
    You have the right idea !! Shave the babes!!

  2. LOL porr babies….but boy do they look like they’ll kill you in your sleep!

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