Mommy Confessions~Kids on the internet.

I admit it I am not a fan of kids being online. I also admit that I let my 2 older kids online. But I only let them go to certain sites. Like they love to play Moshie Monsters so they can go there. And well Yeah that is about it. One time Evan got on the computer and tried to go to YouTube but he ended up typing in YouBoob All I have to say is thank God for Wikipedia.

Lately it seams as if my email is being overloaded by friend request from kids. Now most of these kids I know or I know their parents Ok they all fit into that category. I hate it. Now I know what I post is safe but I can’t control what other people put on my facebook account. You know what I mean?

Do you allow your kids to be online? Do you feel safe just allowing your kids to run free online? Do you take any type of precautions with them being online?

I don’t even really feel safe with the whole parental control stuff that is online. Last year we went to my in-laws house. My nephew is a computer wiz. So my Sister-in-law put this program on the computers so that the boys couldn’t see anything that they shouldn’t. So when we got there she wanted us to look at it and see what we thought. In no time my hubby was able to get thru all of it and see the type of things that the kids shouldn’t be seeing. It was insane. Yup good ol YouTube used to be nudity free and S^X free but not so much anymore. You can see anything and everything on there now.

So that leads me to yesterday. I am a freak when it comes to news talk radio. I love that stuff. So I was in the car listening to this lady and she is all about technology. She was talking about this program that protects your kids from the internet. (I am not promoting this in any ways shape or form. I don’t believe that any of this crap works the way they promote it.) She was talking about how with this program you can see everything. From the emails that your kids type, to what they are sending to their friends and receiving from their friends. Basically if they can see it so can you. Now while the idea of this is great. (if you think that this is violating their rights well that is your choice but I am not budging.) But I really don’t think that this is going to work as well as they seam to proclaim. Also I am sure most of the kids are good enough hackers that they could break thru the system in no time.

My solution to all of this is.

  • always have your kids in the same room with you while they are on the internet.
  • don’t allow them to have access to the internet in their rooms.
  • block all things.
  • don’t let them be on social networking site.

I think alot of the issues going on with our kids online is that parents aren’t wanting to know what is going on. As a parent do you really want your kids to befriend someone that is in their 40’s? It is all possible in the land of facebook.

Now I realize that I can’t protect my kids from everything in life. But I can try can’t I? If I can keep predators from finding my kids online I will do my darnedest to do this.  If I can keep my kids from seeing things that they shouldn’t I will do my best . What about you?

I don’t believe in privacy when it comes to my kids. I believe that it is my responsibility as a parent to know what is going on with my kids.  I check in on them when they are showering to make sure they are showing right why would the internet be any different.


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