Mommy Confessions~ Telling your kids the their pet died.

Well this has to go up at the most memorable Mother’s day I have ever had. It started out as a lovely day. Then the unthinkable happened.

I sent Evan to give the Guinea Pig some veggies. Jar Jar loves his veggies and he normally squeals when he gets his veggies. Well not this time. I didn’t think to much about it until about 30 minuets later when I noticed his cage was left open.  I went over to the cage and noticed that his veggies were still there I went to shut the door and realized he wasn’t breathing. I knew right then that he was dead. I called out to Tommy to come make sure and well that was no denying that he was gone.

I sat there for a few minuets trying to figure out how I was going to break this to them. I mean after all they are still having issues with me giving away their dog. I really thought about just burying him and dealing with it once they realized that he wasn’t there anymore. That really could have taken weeks. But I didn’t. I called them over. I asked them if they remembered about us talking about sometimes people get sick or old and they die. They said yes. And then I told them that Jar Jar had died.

The tears were flowing they were crying which lead me to have some tears myself. I hate having to much pain placed on my kids. IT is the worst feeling ever.  Evan then goes. Now we only have 1 pet she is the oldest why is she still alive why do we still have her. My answer to Evan was. I guess we are just lucky then. Evan’s reply that isn’t fair you get rid of my dog and my pig dies but you get to keep Phoebe.

Poor Phoebe the kids just don’t appreciate her.

Tommy buried  him in the back yard. The kids placed flowers on his gave.

This is the picture that Evan drew for him.

Anyways. It was really the worst mother’s day I have ever had and I hope I never have one like it again.

Bye Bye Jar Jar you were a great pig.


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