Happy Mother’s Day!

I know it’s a couple of days early.  I’m taking a risk here and assuming that you, like me, spend your weekends with your family.  That being said, Andrea and I wish all the Mom’s, Soon-to-be Moms, Step-Moms, Like-a Moms, and Mother’s-in-laws a wonderful Mother’s Day!!!  If you’re children are grown, I’m sure you did a fabulous job and your children are your pride and joy!  If they are still little (like ours are), take heart in knowing you are the only person who knows how to raise your kids.  You may listen to advice all you want, but in the end, trust yourself!

In honor of Mother’s Day, I wanted to share with you what I received from A.  I was all smiles at the school, and when showing it off at home and telling people about it.  BUT, when I was alone I cried, just a little.  This is the first year any of my kids “made” me anything, entirely on their own.  She was so proud to surprise me with her gifts.  That is the memory I hold near to my heart!  Her shining smile and hands behind her back, all nervous and excited, waiting to spring her gifts on me. 

I got a beautiful tissue paper flower (with red in it because she knows that’s my “Signature Color”).  She also had been growing/learning about how things grow and had planted a flower!  A had a Mother’s Day badge for me too.  She had colored it and drawn a picture of me on the inside.  Lastly, the whole class had made a recipe book!  This gift went straight to my heart and will forever hold a prominent spot in my cook book collection!  The best part are the actual recipes.  The kids each picked a favorite recipe their Mom makes and told the teachers what ingredients were in it along with how to make it.  To say the recipes are on the comical side is a serious understatement.  In the interest of privacy, I’m only going to share A’s contribution.  It is a small indicator of the other recipes though.

Now, on the issue of fairness, this isn’t even my recipe!  It’s a recipe for Fruit & Grain bars that was featured in the March menu from Once a Month Mom.  It’s a fairly new recipe for our house, but the kids all love it.  Well, to be entirely honest, Hubs and I love them too!

To add a little to A’s interpretation of the recipe, my “new, very white mixer” is NOT new, yet it is white!  It’s my Kitchen Aid stand mixer.  I’ve had it for years.  I also don’t think it’s used in this recipe, but A loves it so much (what can I say, I passed on the stand mixer gene :)! 

So, how did you or are you planning on spending your Mother’s Day?  Here’s hoping it’s relaxing and filled with lots of love!


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