Mommy Confession~ My little man isn’t so little.

Why is my little man growing up. I just don’t think I am ready for this. Evan has been begging me to redo his room for some time now. He wanted a BIG BOY room. So he has been looking at how he wanted his room. (I don’t really see why planes train and autos isn’t big boy) So he decided he wanted his room be like a log cabin theme. We aren’t completely finished but this is a start.

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See what happens when your hubby is in charge of cleaning out the room.

So we took down his rockin bunk beds.

Brought in the big bed from what used to be the guest room.

Put away the little boy comforter set.

Took down the little boy curtains.

Replaced it with a big boy comforter and sheets.

I walked into his room. I was so sad. My little boy is growing  up. I looked at my husband as a tear was running down my face. I said “I am not ready for this.”

I know that I may not be ready for this but my little man is.


One response to “Mommy Confession~ My little man isn’t so little.

  1. I can’t believe he’s too big either. Wasn’t it just last year for his birthday we were asking for lists of Thomas trains he didn’t have? Wow…

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