Mommy Opinion~ The Tote Buddy review

Do you use the recyclable grocery bags? Or are you still a plastic bag person? (Please tell me you don’t use those) If you are one recyclable grocery bag person how do you store them? Or do they just look like this?Now I love my recyclable grocery bags. But I can’t stand they way they look when they are being stored they just look so messy. Well not anymore. Say Hello to The Tote Buddy.  Now your bags can look like this.

This is  The Tote Buddy. The Tote Buddy is awesome. Matter of fact I was out shopping the other day and SEVERAL people stopped me and asked me where I got it.

You can get The Tote Buddy in 2 styles.

The floral which is my favorite

or the Black.

They also carry the recyclable grocery bags to. They are the really nice ones. The ones with the hard plastic bottom.

The Tote Buddy holds up to 10 reusable grocery bags. It is so easy to use store and carry. It also fits into your car without taking up tons of room. And did it mention it is OH SO CUTE. But most important it is Eco Friendly.

You can follow The Tote Buddy on Twitter or you can join their fan page on facebook.

You can buy The Tote Buddy at there store HERE. Or by just going to for the Rockin price of $14.97 also The Tote Buddy has been kind enough to give our viewers a $2 discount code. So if you are interested just place your order and use the code EARTHDAY.

**I was given The Tote Buddy to review. The opinion is solely mine.


5 responses to “Mommy Opinion~ The Tote Buddy review

  1. Glad you like your Tote Buddy, Andrea. Enjoy! 🙂 julie

  2. Would love to try this..but when i went to order one, even with the discount code, shipping was more than the actual item 😦

    • Hi. Kay. Thanks so much for letting me know. I set an email to The Tote Buddy and they have changed the shipping price.
      Head back over and place your order I know you are just going to love it.

  3. Thanks Andrea…but sadly, they up’ed the price on the products and just lowered the shipping some 😦 But thank you so much for emailing the company for those who want one and are willing to pay their price plus shipping…as much as i love the product, im not into paying almost $30 for the product and 3 bags when i can get recyclable bags at other stores for as low as $1, so to pay that much for the tote isnt a deal to me. But again, thank you sooo much for sharing!!

    • I am so sorry Kay. Did you look at the ones that didn’t come with all 3 bags. They might be cheaper. I know that people will love it as much as I do. Please keep checking back we have lots of giveaways coming.
      I am sorry.

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