I’ve started ~Couch to 5K ~

I’ve been writing this post in my head for a couple of weeks now.  Well, for about a month honestly.  I wanted to find the correct words and phrases.  They aren’t coming.  So, I’ll just write what I’m doing.

I’ve officially started the Couch to 5K running program!!  I have read about it, chatted with friends who have done it and other bloggers who are in the process of the program.  They all had inspiring stories.  Yet, after all the research, I just couldn’t motivate myself to do it.  I needed someone to push me.  Someone to check in on me and someone who would challenge me.  Yes, I’m THAT needy when it comes to working out. 

Since I couldn’t hire a personal trainer, I ask for help.  I got it!  Cortney and Cyndi both are helping me.  Cortney gave fabulous advice for beginning the program and tips to help!  Cyndi, being a very dear and old friend (no, not age old, I’ve just known her since, well….we’ll not go into that).  Both of these ladies have ask me if I’m running, how I’m doing, etc.  I appreciate it more than words can say!

Now, onto the why behind my choice.  There are a number of reasons.  The first is purely selfish.  I want to wear cute (to me) clothes again.  Yes, they do make cute clothes for plus sized people.  What they don’t make are clothes for those people who aren’t quite plus sized, yet not regular sized either.  That person would be me.  I wear a size 18 (yes people, I actually wrote that), which technically makes me a plus size.  BUT, I can still wear stuff off the rack in the normal sizes too.  Go figure?  I really just want to be able to find something cute, that doesn’t resemble an animal print, with classic taste.  No draperies please.  Thanks.  I am tired of the in-between status at clothing stores.  I don’t have a goal size in mind.  That’s not why I’m running.  Yet, you wouldn’t hear me complain if that happened either.

The second reason is for my kids.  I want them to know that their Mom wasn’t always fluffy.  That, even though I’m not a size 4, exercising is still important.  That to be a good Mom (in my opinion) means having my own interests and activities.  And to just be generally healthy, for their sake. 

The last reason is for me.  Long ago, before marriage and kids, I ran.  I started running in high school, although I never shared it with anyone then.  I would run to clear my head, relieve stress and just to be alone for a while.  I missed it.  I missed being able to concentrate on the steps, to feel the wind blowing my hair and concentrating on breathing.  Basically, running to me was like meditation is to others.  My life can be stressful, as can any Moms, and I needed an outlet for the stress.  Again, I hoped it would help me to be a better, less stressed Mom. 

To my delight, it has!  So, like Andrea has her Weigh-en’ Me Down posts, I’m going to start a weekly update on my C25K posts.  Feel free to join me on the journey (I’m only on Week 2!) and let me know how you’re doing! 

My ultimate goal: To run in the Flying Pig Marathon next year!

Short term goal: To make it through this week because my hamstrings and buns are “feelin’ the burn”!


4 responses to “I’ve started ~Couch to 5K ~

  1. I can totally relate to the clothing issue! I’m between a 14 and a 16 right now (was an 18 not too long ago). I hate the clothing for people my size. (Hey maybe we should think about designing clothes for people in our size range?!?) I’m not large busted or large hipped, so most plus size clothes don’t fit me right. I do find that Old Navy clothes fit me the best, especially their jeans and capris. So, I too want to get into cuter clothes that fit well, and that I look good in 🙂 I really need to check out this C25K business. I just did my first 5K, walking, but I’d really like to start running so I can run the next one. I’ll need support from my family and friends too; it sure does help 🙂

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  3. Go Kandi! You can do this!

    I love running – it’s my me-time, my quiet-time. It really does help not only to keep me in shape but to keep my mind in shape, too!

    One foot in front of the other, girl!

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