Mommy Confessions***by Kandi***

Okay, so it’s been a nutso week.  Here are this week’s confessions…

I confess:

  • I’m tired.  I mean like sit down on the couch for more than 30 seconds and I’m out like a light tired.
  • We added a Facebook Fan page this week and I was excited.  Even if it meant “outing” us to people.
  • By “outing” I mean that up until now, if you knew about our blog either you found us, were a fellow blogger or we chose to tell you.  Otherwise, it was Super Secret…haha.
  • There have been a lot of changes to the blog.  While some of them excite me, some I’m just okay with. 
  • The ones that I’m just okay with honestly aren’t that big a deal either.  Mainly, just computer code and such.
  • I watched my cousin’s son this week a couple of days.  We love having him over to play with us AND it gives Ren some time with another boy.  Goodness knows in his “world of only girls” another little guy is thrilling!
  • My brother fixed my van window yesterday, which promptly broke again once I got home.  Thanks for trying Sean!
  • Next week I will be posting more.  I have a few things to post about so I can be held accountable!
  • Did you see my review for Protect-A-Bed?  If not, please check it out.  They really are worth the investment!
  • A went back to school this week after being off for spring break.  I missed her! 
  • Although when A went back her attitude, eye rolling and smart mouth returned.  Dear Lord, please let me keep my patience and realize it’s only a phase, otherwise, I may lose it!
  • CS is a dirt monster.  Yes, some things DO slip a mom’s mind over the winter.  Things like, your 2 year old LOVES to throw handfuls of dirt in the air and spin in the dust.  While funny the first 100 times, after that, not so much.  My water bill should reflect this love of dirt next month….ugh!
  • I’m trying to convince Chuck a weekend getaway with just us would be nice.  Even if it’s only to the “big town” down the road.  I’m not sure it’s working though….suggestions??
  • Oh, I got my tote bag and coffee mug from ABC Daytime and Mom Central yesterday for being a The View Ambassador Mom.  I was giddy with excitement.  It’s the little things ya know!
  • Oh, and lastly, a HUGE HEY Y’ALL to my friends who may be checking us out for the first time.  If you’re here from my Facebook page, take a look around.  I hope you find me ummm, inspiring, insightful, humorous, wierd, strange, the same as I always am. 

I’m done for this weeks Mommy Confessions.  Feel free to leave your own in the comment section below!  Have a terrific weekend and I’ll be back next week!

8 responses to “Mommy Confessions***by Kandi***

  1. Kandi, love your confessions – now I need to get on the FB page too. Have a great weekend.

  2. Keep talking about the getaway and all the great things that would come of it…like less stress, alone time, relaxation, fun…on and on. Or if you are like me, just book it! We are going to Cincy/Covington for the Taste of Cincinnati and I have decided to spend the weekend down there without kids.

  3. Just make the reservations. Then just take him on a surprise. Have everything planned out.
    Also the changes you are not happy with we will fix.

  4. Kandi, just tell him what a great time David and I had in Cincy/Newport and how it really helped our relationship (though guys dont always like to hear that mushy stuff). Or just tell him you want a “romantic” getaway for a weekend..i know he will enjoy the alone time with you, David and I did and we only have have 3 🙂 I hope he gives in and you all get to go!!

    • I agree with Angela. You guys need some time away. Or all else fails tell him he would be wise to get away for some “ALONE” time. He should get the drift.

  5. Thanks for the suggestions and advice everyone! When I turned my laptop on this evening lo and behold, there was priceline and orbitz both pulled up with searches for hotels in Cincy.

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