1st day of Medifast.

Well today is it. My first day back on Medifast. I was on it a few years ago before I got pregnant with Paisley. I lost about 60lbs in 4 months with Medifast. I LOVED it.

SO I started back today. So far it hasn’t been that hard. Except I am freaking STARVING. I don’t normally eat to much during the day but today I want to eat everything in site. Why is it when you can’t have it you want it the most?

I am pleasantly surprised on the changes that Medifast has made. Medifast has added stuff like Brownies and puffs. They are REALLY good.

I am so excited to get this journey going. I know the next few days are going to be rough. Day 3 on Medifast is the worst. I remember the 1st time I did Medifast on day 3 I really wanted to DIE. I just laid on the couch thinking this was awful. The next morning I woke up and felt like a new woman.


3 responses to “1st day of Medifast.

  1. I’m not familiar with Medifast….I mean I’ve “heard of it” but don’t know anything about it. I will have to Google it.

    Just wanted to give you some encouragement on your new journey! You can do it! Just push through those hard days and then it will get easier 🙂

    • It is a great program. Best of all it works and is so easy. here is there website. If you want to know anything let me know. I used to be a health coach with them.
      Thanks so much for the encouragement we all need it.

  2. It’s not easy, if you need more information, you can use as reference my collection what I made during my medifast http://medifastprogram.net I made this for me and my friends basicly cause our country the medifast is not a well known process

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