Weigh-en me down…Down….Down…Down….

So this is it. The final week of me trying to loose weight on my own. Yup that is it I have had it. Monday morning I got online and order Medifast.  I am so excited to start it again. It has been WAY WAY 2 long. Lets just say I have had 2 more kids since I was last on it. My order should come in Tomorrow and that means I can start on Saturday. It should be a challenging week coming since there is so much going on but I need to start and stay focased. I am not going to be enabled to put it off. (Not mentioning any names Miss Domestic Debacle. She really is one of my biggest supporters.) So that means I will go to the Melting Pot with the Girls but not eat. I will go to the birthday parties and NOT eat. I can do this. I have to do this once and for all. It is now or never. So fast this week I am down 1.3 lbs. I wish it was better. But I can deal with this. Next week I am hoping for HUGE numbers. So my journey with Medifast begins here.

I will start posting more on the weight loss. Medifast you can’t come here quick enough.

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