~Mommy Confessions~

Dude what is up with me. Kandi has beat me for the past several weeks. But that is alright I will let her.

I confess that~

  • My head is killing me. I can’t seam to knock this headache.
  • My house is almost finished being clean.
  • I love it when my house is all nice and clean
  • I just wish I could open the windows but since we live in Ohio we can have 60 degree weather on Wednesday and snow today.
  • I might have a new home for Wookie
  • I didn’t go out looking but I just don’t think he is happy here
  • He keeps peeing on MY stuff
  • Yes I have been in a blog funk I am sure I will get over it
  • My mother in law is coming into town today
  • Did I mention my house is almost clean
  • For once I have all the laundry put away
  • I can’t wait to tackle the basement this weekend HELLO garage sale
  • We had a blast on Sunday at the kids Swim party
  • Tommy and I have decided that we are taking the kids to Disney World at Thanksgiving.
  • I really thought that I could just get the plane, condo and tickets and that was it
  • If it wasn’t for Katie I would be completely screwed (She is going to help me thru the Disney process)
  • I am so glad that one of my dear friends got an extension on their unemployment
  • I am NOT happy with a lot of changes that the Gov is making
  • I am NOT happy about this TEXTING ban. I am so going to get fined. And before I start getting yelled at YES I know I shouldn’t do it. I try not to. But sometimes I have to. (At least I don’t blog and drive)
  • I have no clue where all of my money has gone this pay period (Maybe it is the pop that I have been drinking)
  • Medifast can’t get here soon enough

Well that is about it for me. I hope you have a great weekend. I am sure I will have some interesting things going on this weekend to share with you next week.

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