~Mommy Confessions~

Crap I can’t believe Kandi beat me again. I think she is writing this stuff ahead and posting it.

I confess that..

  • I think Kandi is posting her confessions early to make me look bad. LOL Just kidding. I thought it was funny.
  • I am with Kandi this time change is killing me.
  • If my hubby leaves the soy milk out all night 1 more time I might just be on the nightly news for beating the snot out of him. (He has done this 2 days in a row.)
  • I loved meeting all the new people this week at the Kroger Vibe thing.
  • I am so lucky that I have such incredible friends.
  • Drama is getting really old. I am just keeping myself out of it.
  • Kroger saved my butt yesterday I didn’t even have to think about what to make for dinner.
  • I am COMPLETELY unprepared for the kids birthday party this weekend.
  • I am so much stuff to do this weekend I have no clue how I am going to get it all done.
  • My mother in law will be here next Friday and my upstairs is a complete mess.
  • Looks like I am going to start planning our trip to DISNEY. The kids are so excited as am I.
  • I am really loving this great weather we are having. I just want to get out and garden but since it is going to snow next week guess I will not.
  • Paisley is going thru this “Crying” phase it is driving me nuts.
  • I spent $100 on a piece of popcorn this week. Read here.
  • Everyday I am reminded that God is in control.
  • I was so proud yesterday when I took all 4 kids to the dentist. They were so good.
  • I am been having some freaky dreams lately.
  • I am refusing to do Spring Cleaning. I think I may just hire someone to come do it.
  • If 1 more person tells me that have bets going on when I will get pregnant again I might just scream.
  • I am now rocking and Iphone and I love it.

Well that is about it for me. I have some cleaning to do.

Do you have any confessions? We would love to hear them.


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