$100 for a piece of popcorn.


I swear I am about to pay for the most expensive piece of popcorn. Yup you read it right $100. Now before you decide that I have completely lost it keep reading.

Last night I was sitting on the couch dying from a killer headache watching Ruby and Scarlett comes down.

Scarlett~ Mommy Evan has a piece of popcorn in his ear.

Me~ What the F do you mean he has a piece of popcorn in his is what I am thinking but what comes out is. Why does he have popcorn in his ear and why isn’t he down here.

Scarlett~ he is sleeping.

Me~ How is he sleeping with popcorn in his ear. Scarlett you better not be screwing around. Who put popcorn in his ear?

Scarlett~ *Atreyu did it. (See below who Atreyu is)

Me~Atreyu didn’t do it. Did you?

Scarlett~ No mommy Evan had it in his ear and then I put my finger in his ear to feel it.


So I head upstairs to check out the popcorn crisis.

Sure enough Evan is laying there calmly pretending to be asleep.

Of course he blames Scarlett she blames him. Oh yeah it goes round and round.

I pull out my otoscope and look in his ear hoping I wouldn’t find a piece of popcorn but no such luck. (yes I have an otoscope I know I have issues.) There is not just 1 piece of popcorn but 2. Are you freaking kidding me.

So by then my husband is in the room freaking out and not helping matters. I decide it is to deep for me to get it out so my hubby gets the nose sucker out to try to suck it out. Nope. I call my mom to see if she can get it out. So my mom comes over takes a looks and says nope. CRAP…….I don’t want to go to the ER.

So off to the ER we go. Luckily it wasn’t busy at all nobody was there. They must have had their stupidity over the weekend. They take us right back the Dr comes in and looks in Evan’s ear and goes you better not be putting stuff in your ear again if I see you here again I am going to be very upset. So she irrigates his ear and the popcorn comes out. I go man I would like to have one of those things. (talking about the thing she irrigated his ear with) The Dr hands it to me and goes I didn’t just give this to you. (My kids tend to stick things in their ears this wasn’t our first trip for this)

So this morning Evan is whining about he is to tired to go to school I inform him that he is going to school because I am NOT writing a little like this

~Please excuse Evan from school on Monday. He was unable to attend due to us being at the ER because he stuck popcorn in his ear.



That just isn’t going to happen. So off to school he went.

So now not only do I have a good story for you I also have a $100 bill coming my way for a stupid piece of popcorn.

*Atreyu is 1 of Scarlett’s many imaginary friends. Atreyu is the guy from Never Ending story. Him and his horse live up stairs and get into all kinds of trouble.


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