Mommy Confessions

Wow I can’t believe Kandi beat me to this.  I must be really slacking this week.

I confess that…

  • I am really sad that Paisley turned 1 this week. It seams that she grew up so fast.
  • Even though I am sad it doesn’t look as bad when people ask me how old my kids are.
  • I had a really rough day yesterday.
  • Poor Kandi called and I bet she never expected to have me crying.
  • I made a huge mistake and accidentally told my mother in law about some issues that I am having with Tommy.
  • Tommy and I had a long talk last night and well I hope he understands that he needs to change.
  • It isn’t anything major just men being men.
  • I really miss Evan today. I mean I miss him everyday but for some reason I miss him a lot today. I almost want to go pick him up from school and just let him have a day off.
  • I am not looking forward to take all 4 kids to the Dr tonight and 3 of them getting shots.
  • Did I mention that my mother in law has her tickets to come in.
  • I finally got the answer that I knew was coming about my mom and her house. I am glad it can be fixed and it isn’t to late.
  • my house can get clean and 10 minuets later it is trashed again.
  • I had a war with Verizon that has been going on for several months and I finally won. See this post if you want to read about my awful phone that was once great.
  • I am really nervous to change cell phone carriers since I have been with Verizon for many many years.
  • I am totally excited to be getting my IPhone.
  • My good friend is having some major issues. I feel bad that I can’t help her other than just listening I wish I had some great words of wisdom. Just know that I love you and it will all work out.
  • The next few weekends are going to be crazy busy.
  • I am totally loving this weather. Other than my allergy’s are killing me.

Well I think that is about it. I hope everyone has a great weekend. Take some time to soak in the beautiful pictures that God has put in front of you.


One response to “Mommy Confessions

  1. I think sometimes just listening to a friend is the best thing we can do! It’s times that I just listen and feel like I wish I could be doing more than a friend will come along & say you know that’s exactly what I needed – a listening ear.

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