Only a 6yr old is excited about a tampon machine.

Yes you read the title right Only a 6 yr old is excited about a tampon machine.  Evan and I were out shopping the other day and needed to take a potty break while we were at Kohl’s. So I was going pee and I heard him messing around with something. Then Evan goes “Mommy can I have a quarter.” I go “What do you need a quarter for?” WRONG QUESTION.  Evan goes “they are selling light sabers and pillows in the bathroom for a quarter and I want one” I am like crap am I really going to have to explain this to him. Well I told him I was out of quarters and we started walking out the door (YES I washed my hands what kind of dirty person do you think I am) As we were walking out the door Evan goes “man they don’t have any of the cool stuff in the boys bathroom.” If he only knew how UNCOOL they really are.

It really seams that this has been the week of odd conversations with my kids.

Here is yet another example of odd.

I had just given the baby a bath. I had him on the changing table and I was talking to Evan. Evan shouts out. “It isn’t fair” I ask “WHAT” Evan goes “It isn’t fair that his pee pee is bigger than mine”    I just tried to ignore him without laughing and he continues to shout it. I go “I go Evan it isn’t and you are way to young to start in with the his is bigger than mine stuff.”

Scarlett is walking thru the living room and she innocently looks up at me and goes “Mommy is Declan’s pee pee going to go up inside him so he will look like me?” Oh yea fun conversations with the kids have been around this week.


One response to “Only a 6yr old is excited about a tampon machine.

  1. LOL, kids are cute like that! I remember when we were still innocent little boys, my friends and I would catch this glimpse whenever the girls swung open the washroom door and we could see the “weird vending machine” stuck onto the side of the wall. One day, a couple of us guys stayed behind for the day to “volunteer” where we then waiting for the place to clear out (before the days of security cameras everywhere) and then snuck into the girl’s washroom and figure out what the machine did. When I got in there and noticed it labelled “Maxi Pads” and “Tampons” I immediately knew what it was already. However, the other guys were clueless and tried to put money into the (broken) dispenser to figure out “what was inside”… of course everything in our school gets trashed, so it was stuck. One of the guys managed to pull one out with his finger (no idea how) and began playing with the tampon with applicator, LOL. When I told them the tampon was supposed to go up the girl, they all froze and dropped it and ran away, haha. (It was never spoken-of again)

    What a brave lil’boy you have there 😀 Hopefully he’ll learn the realities of it soon, haha… rather than being the stupid little kids we were 😛

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