The View (from me!)


Welcome to this week’s edition of The View!  This week, I didn’t get a lot of chances to watch The View, yet I MADE the time to watch the show on Friday.  It was the Oscar preview.  What’s not to love!  While I DID miss the Hot Topics the rest of the show was awesome!  Don Cheadle was on with Wesley Snipes.  I loved the interview until Barbara ask the tax evasion question of Wesley.  Talk about awkward!  I mean, I wasn’t thinking about it.  I was just enjoying the interview with two men who were promoting a movie.  That’s my feelings on that part anyway.

Onto the best part though.  The Fashion Friday!  The Oscar dress preview rocked!  I loved it!  I love all the beautiful gowns, guessing at what styles will be worn, etc…For those who may have missed it, here is the link to the show.

Now, this week there is going to be a great bunch of people on.  I’m sure there will be an Oscar wrap-up at some point, but others will be on also.  They include Andy Garcia on Tuesday, Forest Whitaker on Wednesday and on Thursday Sir Elton John will sit in with the ladies.  Also, Fashion Friday returns this week with Carolina Herrera.  Happy watching everyone!

Lastly, The Barbara Walters Special with the Sandra Bullock and Mo’nique interview was great as well!  Just wanted to add that.


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