Mommy Confessions

It is Friday so that means only 1 thing for Mommy Confessions.

I confess that:

that if my husband don’t stop snoring I might just smother him in his sleep.

the littles must move to their own rooms this weekend. I never sleep well with a baby in my room.

Declan makes to much grunting noises I think I may need to try soy formula.

I saw the sun today and it made me very happy.

I am excited to go to Benihana with my mom and family tomorrow.

there is this strange sound in my walls. I am not sure what it is but I heard it all night long.

I am getting really frustrated with Scarlett she will not read for me.

I am cheating with birthday parties this year. It looks like a combo one for Evan and Paisley.

I am totally excited about 2 product reviews that will be coming soon.

I so need a girls night out with my Canny Moms.

I really wish people would post their confessions for an extra entry.

Well that is about it for me. Don’t forget about the $25 Kroger gift card and Circus tickets that we are giving away.

Have a great weekend.


2 responses to “Mommy Confessions

  1. I confess that
    I feel bad.
    My back hurts.
    My heart hurts from thinking about Collin in the ER last night.
    My heart is overjoyed from knowing he is fine!
    I forgot to eat breakfast today, but the kids had poptarts. 2 out of 3 ppl fed isn’t too bad.
    I am looking forward to seeing my BIL, SIL, MIL, FIL and GrandpaIL tonight for dinner, but don’t know how I will physically be able to cook for them.
    Last, I am thinking of serving Pop Tarts to them for dinner. 🙂

    • My kids wouldbe at your house in a minute if you serve pop tarts for dinner! I’m really glad Collin is okay and constantly sending good thoughts to you for your back!

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