Mommy Confessions #2

I totally forgot it was Friday.  Really.  Having a hubby working from home really messes with my internal calendar.  I didn’t realize it was Friday until I saw Andrea tweet about her confessions.

So, here goes.  This week I confess:

  • That another snow day for A may mean this Mom pulls her hair out one strand at a time!
  • Hubby actually went to his office today!  The first time since last Tuesday.
  • That because of the above statement I am taking this opportunity to be a slacker….seriously!
  • I am loving the Olympics!  My kids have all decided they want to do various sports shown too.  A wants to be a downhill skier, Ren a snowboarder and CS wants to ice skate (big shocker on the last one…haha).
  • Oh, I’ve started using initials for the kids.  Makes it a tad bit easier and well, A says I’m not allowed to post about her anymore since she’s 5 now.
  • Being selected as a The View Brand Ambassador Mom is a huge thing for me!  I owe it to the confidence instilled in me by my dear friend Katie at Domestic Debacle.  Go check her site out.  She rocks in a totally polka dot retro way!!
  • Since moving sites, Andrea and I are being bombarded with offers, pitches and giveaways.  I think it’s awesome, if not a little overwhelming at the same time.
  • I have 2 cold sores on my top lip right now.  I look at them as a testament to how sick I really was last week.
  • The cold sores are also very ugly and make me VERY self conscious of everything.  Make-up can’t even begin to cover these things.  Ah well, they are only temporary and my real friends and family know that.  Even if they are ugly, yucky and are itching like crazy!!  I’m not scratching them, I’m not scratching them!!!
  • today is jammie day at my house.  In real people terms it just means this Mom is too lazy to dress the kids or go anywhere…..
  • I loved Grey’s Anatomy last night.  Really.  I haven’t liked an episode that much in a while.  I may Hulu it later and watch it again!
  • Oh and speaking of TV, Project Runway was AWESOME last night!!  Those little girls really threw the contestants for a loop!  Loved it!  Now, if I could just get out of my Mom frump and start looking fashionable again!
  • That I’m done for this week!  Time to make the kiddies some lunch followed very closely by naptime!


Feel free to share your Mommy Confessions with us too!  Please.  I’m begging here.  Really.  Okay, glad we got that over with!  Have a great weekend everyone!


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