OH happy day.

It is a happy day indeed here in my house. Lets just say in the past 2 weeks. Evan has been to school 2 days. YUP 2 days. Well today he went back and that makes it 3 days in 2 WEEKS. I know it is crazy. But lets just say as he was walking out the door today I was doing my own happy dance.

Don’t get me wrong I LOVE having my kids at home with me, but after my day yesterday NOBODY is more thrilled to have school back in. Declan and Scarlett had a dr apt. Scarlett was due for her 5 yr old shots and well lets just say 4 kids, 1 stroller, a pumpkin seat and all the coats along with the Dr and me stuffed into a sardine can didn’t cut it to well. The room was packed. Evan was acting a fool. Paisley decided she didn’t want to be in the stroller. Scarlett was screaming about she didn’t want her shots. Thank GOODNESS that Declan was sleeping thru it all. OH HAPPY DAY.

We are heading back to the daily grind today. Evan is at school. Scarlett has our own version of school here, cleaning the house and playing with the “Little’s” (Yes that is what I call the 2 smallest kids) I am so glad to have life back to “normal” Guess I need to start gearing up for the next coming snow storm.


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