What to do when your sense of security is Gone.

Do you live in the comfort of all people are good? I do. Most of the time I do truly believe that people are good and that good will always win. Every once in awhile I am shown differently. Normally I still don’t give into people are nasty but I really should.

I lost my sense of security and I am not sure how to get it back. You see it started on Christmas eve of 2008. Yes you read right Christmas eve of 2008. My dad had been storing some important Santa gifts at his house and I was out doing some last minuet shopping with my mom and stopped by his house to pick up the gifts and I walking into this.

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At first with it being my dad and the holidays I thought that he had thrown a temper tantrum. Yes my 60 yr old father still throws them. That was until I walked into the bathroom. Seeing that the medicine cabinet had been gone thru I knew something wasn’t right. I ran out to the car to get my mom because right then I didn’t want to be in the house by myself and get my cell phone. I called my dad to make sure it wasn’t him and told him he had been broken into. I called the cops and went back into the house. The stole random things not to much of high value. The stole a laptop, small plasma tv, cameras Oh and the best thing is they stole the trashcan out of the bathroom. That is why all the trash is on the floor. They freaking stole a trash can.  But they stole 2 things of family value. I had been keeping my grandmothers mink stow there and then a old rifle that didn’t work but had been passed down from generation to generation.   Merry Christmas right?

I came home that night freaked out. I begged Tommy to put a security system on the house. I begged for a big mean guard dog. I cried that I was scared. I didn’t realize that I would never be the same after this. I never knew that my sense of security was stolen from me. Over 1 yr later I still hide things of importance around my house. I still beg for an alarm system and a big mean guard dog or maybe 3 or 4. When do I get my peace of mind back. When do I get what was stolen from me back ( I am not meaning the items.) My dad knows how I feel he thinks I am a bit silly when it wasn’t even my house. But my point to him is it could have been. I could have walked in when they were there. I have a lot of coulda woulda shoulda’s on this one. (I know those aren’t words) I just want my peace of mind and sense of security back is that really to much to ask.

They never found my dads stuff. There were several break-ins in that area that day. The cops said that there were all probably linked. It didn’t make me feel any better then and now I still don’t feel any safer.

So my question is do you ever get to feel safe again? Or do you live in the land of it can happen at any time?


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