Really I didn’t just run away.

Honestly I am telling the truth. I didn’t just up and run away.


As Kandi mentioned last week I had our newest baby. Declan Alexander was born on Wednesday January 27 at 1117 am. He was induced. His birth was pretty easy 15 minuets of pushing and he was here. The problem was they gave me 3 epidurals and not one of them took. Within about 5 minuets of him being born I started complaining of a headache. Not your normal headache this insanely painful let me crawl in a ball and die headache. As the day went on it kept getting worse. Thru the night I could barely get out of bed due to this electrical shock going down my spine and my head. They mentioned at that point in time that I most likely needed a blood patch but I wasn’t willing to try it at that point in time. So they drugged me up with some lovely meds and gave me the craziest diet I had ever had. Pepsi and chips. NO JOKE. They forced this stuff. Now I am not a soda drinker it made me want to puke after they forced the 1st 6pack down me. Well the headache kept getting worse. I was released on Friday and spent the weekend in bed. Every time I got out of bed my head was killing me. On Monday morning I couldn’t take it anymore. I was in tears, throwing up and all that fun stuff. I called the Dr and they sent me to the hospital. Well we got there around 1130 am. They got me into the surgery room pretty quickly it seamed like forever but it was really about 5 minuets. When I got back there my blood pressure was 177/115. Needless to say they started freaking out but it was that high due to the amount of pain I was in. They got me into the surgery room around 4pm and did my blood patch. Instantly the headache started to release. The dr said that the amount of fluid that was coming out it looked like my spine had 3 holes in it due to the epidurals and that was causing the headaches. So all 3 spots were leaking. Lucky me. Well I got home around 9pm and was put on bed rest for 2 days to let it clot and heal so that I wouldn’t have to go thru it again.

Now normally I am a freak about having people take care of me and my family. Not this time. My mom spent the past few days taking care of my kids and laundry. I didn’t worry about my house getting clean or anything else. I just laid in bed most of the time sleeping. I would get up to feed the baby only when my mom would hand him to me.

Today I am on my own and feeling a whole lot better. I have even managed to clean 2 of my rooms in the house. Slow and steady is my motto for the week. What doesn’t get done will still be here and the world will not fall apart.

Kandi sorry I didn’t let you know what was going on. Needless to say I felt like I had been run over by a train. I have the bruises to prove it.

The baby is doing great. I can’t ask for more. He eats sleeps and poops. The kids are great with him. Paisley is a little on the jealous side but that wasn’t a big shock.

2 responses to “Really I didn’t just run away.

  1. oh thank God! I was concerned but figured if your Mom, Tom or you needed anything they would Call. I'm just so happy you are better! You worried me for a bit Momma!

  2. it`s really so amazing article i really like it thanks for sharing this article with us…

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