What’s Happening Wednesday

posted by Kandi

Well, this post originally started out being about Andrea. See, this morning she left for the hospital after getting Evan onto the school bus. I anticipated writing about sending her well wishes and luck in the birth of her new little man (name to be revealed later).

Here they are. The vitals everyone wants to know! He weighed over 8 pounds, is 22 inches long and his name is Declan! Love the name!!

So, as I’m writing this message pops up on Twitter the same time my Facebook page alerts me to something as well. Being the super nosey person I am I stopped to look.

Guess what?? He’s here!! Really! Talk about a short labor! Wow! Yet again, he IS number 4, so they do tend to be shorter labor times.

That being said, a huge Congratulations to both Andrea and Tom on the birth of their new little boy! Such a blessing and miracle all rolled into one!

ps. I will post the stats and such as I receive the information. Congrats Andrea, love you all very much and I hope Evan has the best day ever now that he has the little brother he’s been asking for!!!!


One response to “What’s Happening Wednesday

  1. Katie @ Domestic Debacle

    Yay!! I can't wait to meet him! I love you Andrea!

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