Happy Birthday Audrey!

posted by Kandi

I can’t believe this day is upon me. It honestly seems like yesterday that I said “Honey, it’s time to go”. 10 hours later we welcomed a 8 1/2 pound, blonde hair, brown eyed baby girl!

Today my baby girl turns 5! A milestone around here. It means she is heading to Kindergarten this fall. Old enough to get a big girl bicycle (shhh, that’s her birthday present!). Old enough to make this Mom tear up when she gets told no and runs into her room, drama oozing out, slams the door and says “you’re a terrible Mommy”. She’s growing up so fast right before our eyes.

Yet in so many ways she’s still so small. She’s terribly shy until you get to know her. She loves to snuggle and thinks her Dad still put the stars in the sky just for her.

So, thank you Audrey for making us into a family. Thank you for testing the waters and pushing the boundaries so that your brother and sister have it a tad easier. Most of all…thank you for just being you!

Happy, Happy Birthday Peanut!!


2 responses to “Happy Birthday Audrey!

  1. Crazy how quickly they grow up. Happy Birthday Audrey. What a great day it is.

  2. That's a really sweet post. I call my 6 year old peanut too. I can totally relate with the drama. Mine told me the other day she wanted a new mommy. This morning she's telling me she loves me so much she can hardly stand it. They definitely are a blessing…drama and all.

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