Conversation between me and the kids.

So let me give you the setting. I am just stepping into the shower. I mean I am not even in there yet. A knock at the door comes. I step into the shower and the door opens. It is Scarlett.

Scarlett :“Mommy can I do Evan’s homework?”

Me: “What?”

Scarlett: “Can I do Evan’s homework?”

Me: “NO! it is Evan’s homework”

Keep in mind she just turned 5 a couple weeks ago.

The door shuts and she runs off.

I still haven’t gotten my hair wet yet and another knock at the door comes now my husband is out on the couch not sure why they kept coming to me while I am trying to get a shower.  This time it is Evan

Evan: “Mommy why can’t Scarlett do my homework?”

Me: “Now Evan why do you think she can’t do your homework?”

Evan: “Because she can’t spell?”

Me: “That is 1 good reason, now why else do you think?”

Evan: “Because it is my homework.”

Me: “Good answer now go do your homework.”

Really do I need to explain why the 5 year old that doesn’t know how to read can’t do the 1st graders homework? Guess I do.

Do you ever day conversations like this with your kids or am I the only one out there?


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