Hide & Seek

My kids have been playing a lot of hide & seek. They find funny places like inside my cupboards so Paisley has to go find them. In my shower, and jump out right before you step in. (yup nothing like wet rats jumping out at you as you are wanting a relaxing shower.) You know the normal places for kids to hide. Normally i find it cute and funny not so much today.
You see Tommy and I were in the nursery taking down cribs and putting them back up all the fun stuff. The house got really quiet. Normally when it is to quiet you know to watch out. Well we decided it was way to quiet and went on a hunt to find out WHY. 45 minuets later of searching the house we found them. I was to the point of almost panicking. The only reason I didn’t was I checked all the doors and unless they were able to lock the dead bolts from outside they were safe and sound in the house. I went back into the basement for the 100th time and turned out the lights and a few minuets later I went to go back down there again and the light was on. I knew then that they were down there. I yelled out man I hope that huge kid eating mouse isn’t hungry and turned the lights out and shut the door again. I went and got Tommy and told him that they were down stairs. He quietly went down stairs with the lights off and found them. They were hiding in the entertainment center because they wanted to camp out in the basement. They said they were going to sleep in the cupboard even though it was cramped in there. Even though they about put me into labor it was funny. We gave in and said they could camp out in Evan’s bedroom as long as they were quiet and stayed in the bed.
Ah to be a kid again and think hiding from mommy and daddy is funny. Well I guess it is when you look back and know your kids are safe.

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