mommy confessions.

Yup I know I am a little late today. But you will see why in my confessions.

I confesses that.

I am 37 weeks today.

I am just not myself lately. My sweet little Paisley was up until 6:40 am this morning. She started running a temp for no reason. Thank God for Tylenol.

I really thought we had the sleeping thing down with her but I was wrong.

I am still really nervous on how anybody will deal with her while I am in the hospital.

My house is a complete mess. With not getting sleep the last thing I want to do is clean my house. Anybody want to come help me clean? LOL.

I still have NOTHING for the new baby. I did buy a couple outfits for him over the weekend but 2 outfits don’t go far.

I am worried about being a good mother to my children. I feel like the worst mother of all lately because I am just so tired all the time. I worry that my older kids just aren’t getting enough attention (the are regressing a lot) and I worry that Paisley will get lost in the shuffle when the new baby comes.

Tommy and I have NOT been on the best terms all week. He got really pissy with me this week when I went out a few times and did stuff for just me NOT the family and that is normally me. I NEVER do me things it is always something for the family.

I have tons to do the next few days. I really need to get my dads menu together, shop for him and get the cooking done. All before I have this baby.

Mixing groups of friends just isn’t a good idea. Just because they are my friends doesn’t mean they will mix well. You would think I would have learned along time ago but I didn’t.

My ex is sending me messages on Facebook asking why I haven’t confirmed him as a friend. Really I just don’t feel like it right now. LOL.

I cried yesterday when my washer overflowed all over the laundry room and I still can’t do any laundry. HELLO I only have so many maternity clothes.

Despite my worries and hectic week I am excited to be able to meet my little boy very soon.

I hope everybody has a great week. Please keep the Hatian people in your thoughts and prayers. If you feel the calling to help please see Kandi’s confessions on ways to help with the Red Cross.

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