Mommy Confessions #2

posted by Kandi

Well, another Friday is upon us and it’s that time again! Here goes…

I confess…

…to feeling very, very lost without my laptop. Yes, it’s material and replaceable, but I feel like I lost a friend.

…that Audrey’s first full week (with no snow days) of school and she was thrilled!

…Ren may be officially potty trained! I say may. It’s not official yet…lol

…Ren still won’t go #2 on the potty because he refuses to sit down. Is there a way to stand and do #2? Enlighten me if so!

…Courtney has learned to say “I love you” instead of just “wuv you”. Now she says it to everyone, including the cashier at Kroger!

…I try to shelter my kids from the news, especially disasters.

…I realized that sheltering doesn’t work when there is a nosey child in you home…umm Audrey.

…the best part is that she is asking questions about Haiti, praying, and asking what she can do to help the kids out. That’s my giving little girl!!!

…Chuck feels terrible about dropping the laptop. He’s apologized sooo much this week. To the point of suggesting I go shopping for some new scrapbook items. I KNOW he feels bad now!!

…I’m seriously thinking of taking Chuck up on his shopping offer. Yet, I feel torn about it. Don’t ask me why, I just do. Silly guilt!!

…I’m finished confessing for the week!

On a side note I’d like to take this time to say I am really upset by the disaster in Haiti. If you have the calling and need to help please give to the Red Cross. I volunteered as a disaster team worker up until I had kids and can vouch for the services they provide! Even something as simple as a prayer can help. I don’t attempt to push people towards giving. I feel that’s something each person needs to do on their own, but I CAN promote the Red Cross. They do great things across the world! If there is a disaster, the Red Cross is there. You can count on that!

Okay, off my soapbox about the Red Cross….have a great weekend everyone and see you next week for more Mommy Confessions!

oh, and feel free to link your confessions below! We’d love to hear from others!


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