My Savings of the week.

posted by Kandi

This post is a little different than most of our other ones. I just had to share though. I went to the grocery store for the first time in a while to “stock up”. I haven’t had to go to the store in quite a while for more than the milk, bread, diaper stuff.

One of my goals for this year is to get back into couponing and stocking up. Honestly, I had so much shampoo, deodorant, soap and laundry stuff I haven’t had to purchase anything for at least 6 months. Longer on some items. Sadly though, as the latter part of the year unfolded I started just buying whatever sounded good and was easy. Neither of those things are good shopping/saving habits to have.

Today was my first foray back into couponing. Here are the results of my first trip out. Here is a breakdown of what I got (with pictures because I’m a cool dork and all..haha).

I purchased everything in these two pictures plus a 12 pack of Ivory soap, 4 bottles of Dawn, a pork loin, salad mix and 3 lunchables (that were being consumed at the time…haha). Grand total = $85.02. I saved $69.72 by using my Kroger Plus Card and coupons. That’s a 45% savings!!


I picked up these two pairs of shoes for the kids for a total of $12! The tennis shoes were $8 and the cute little brown shoes were a whopping $3 on clearance!!

Now, I still need to hit Aldi for some odds and ends but otherwise I’m done for a while. I just wanted to share my savings. If you are ever interested in learning about saving or couponing there are several sites out there. The one I use the most though is Mommysnacks. She is my go to site for savings!


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