What happened Wednesday.

What happened Wednesday is here and WOW what a week it has been. This WHW is what has happened in my house since Christmas or should I say around Christmas.

Last Tuesday I went out to lunch with my friend we had planned on lunch and shopping but my plans got shot when I received a text from my husband. It was pictures of my middle daughter. She was broke out in some kind of rash or hives. I rushed home by the time I made it home it had spread to her belly and arms. By the time I made it to urgent care it had spread everywhere. Once at Urgent care we got the worst care EVER. The idiot Dr told me that it was from medication that I had given her the night before. YEAH so NOT true. The Dr didn’t even bother looking at her he walked in with his mind made up and that was it. So I gave her some Benadryl and home we went. By Thursday I called the pediatrician to find out if she could call in some meds for Scarlett since she was sick and was telling her about what went on and she wanted to see her since she still had the spots and was sick. I took her in and the fun all began again. The Dr was concerned about some stuff so she sent us with scripts in hand to the lab to get some blood work done. That didn’t go over to well. Scarlett was very upset. I felt so bad for her. She was drugged out from the meds that she was given for a few days.

We had a lovely Christmas. My father came and spent the night with us so he could watch the kids open their presents in the morning. Scarlett was still drugged out from the day before but she was able to open her presents and play then head back to bed. While I was cleaning up from them opening their presents I walked by my ottoman trying to miss the toys and cracked my toe on it. My mother said she could hear it across the room. Yup I broke my freaking toe.  Have you ever noticed that you don’t drop things or have people kick your toe unless it is hurt. It instantly turned colors and has been hurting since. I sucked it up and finished the day. I made dinner for my family. My dad decided that he didn’t want to stay and left before dinner. His loss more Honey Baked ham for us right. My grandparents came over and we had a great dinner.

Paisley started getting sick that night. She had a little cold starting I wasn’t shocked since the other 2 had, had one then she started vomiting. YUCK. As Saturday came Paisley was getting it pretty bad. She was up till 5am on Saturday and that means I was up. I was about to loose my mind. Sunday came and the same. Monday came and yup the same. I took her into the Doctor on Tuesday and she was diagnosed with RSV. She had it when she was 2 weeks old and now she has it again. Paisley was given 2 shots 1 steroid and 1 antibiotic. And as if RSV isn’t bad enough she also has an ear infection. Poor baby. Along with that she has lost 5 lbs in 2 weeks. The Dr said she should sleep better tonight but no such luck. Since it is 12:50 AM and I am up writing this looks like it is going to be another all nighter. 

I have learned a few things while staying up all night with the baby. Tommy is useless. I was sitting on the couch crying one night and he got mad at me when I asked for him to take her for 15 min. I learned not to ask for help. I learned that Mommy can’t always fix everything. I learned that if I keep myself busy in the crazy hours of the night it makes it go by much faster and I don’t freak out as much. I learned my house gets cleaned in the night. Along with laundry and dishes, some blogging, emails that I have been putting off, shopping on craigslist, among a few other things. I learned to bite my tongue when my husband makes comments on why am I so tired. OH I have no clue I work on 2 hours of sleep a night and I am pregnant.

That is my WHW. I am hoping for a fresh start for the new year. How about you. Please keep my Paisley in your thoughts and prayers that she can get healthy and get back to her usual self and start sleeping again.

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