I need a Baby Whisperer.


I am so exhausted. I need a baby whisperer or Super Nanny to come to my house to figure out what is going on with my Paisley.

For 2 nights straight she has been up until between 4:30 and 5am. She screams most of the time and throws her body around, she acts as she is possessed. I don’t know what to do with her.

Last night I tried to rock her but she was throwing herself all around I thought I was going to drop her. So I brought her out in the living room and she played for a few hours. She would cry and play cry and play ALL NIGHT LONG.

She honestly acts as if she is hurt but I don’t know what is wrong. She will act fine during the day and then insane at night.

Any ideas on what to do? I am going to try to make her stay up all day. But I am not sure how well that one is going to go over.

I actually at 1 point in time she was screaming so much that I just put her in her bed and shut the door . I came in the living room and just cried. I am at my end. I am not sure if it is the combination of her being up for days straight along with me. Or the fact that I am exhausted, sick and pregnant. I am afraid that this is going to send me into preterm labor. Probably a silly worry.

Part of me is like should I let her cry it out. But I am not that type of mom especially with my baby. How long do you let them cry? When I was having my pity party last night I let her cry for about 15 min. After that I had to regain myself and go get her.

On the bright side of things at least I am getting caught up on my house work. I have to keep myself busy to stay awake so I have been cleaning and doing laundry.  I wish I was sleeping but none the less I do it so I don’t feel to sorry for myself.

Any ideas? Anybody want to come spend the night at my house to deal with a screaming baby. Yeah I didn’t think so either.


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