The Best Christmas present!

posted by Kandi

This event actually took place last week, but due to the holidays I scheduled it ahead of time. Enjoy!

Well, it happened. This is the first year Audrey is in school and she brought home a present for me and Chuck. Now, I was expecting a drawing or something similar. Something cute to tuck away and save for, well, ever. Something that all the kids did and would say “hey Mommy or Daddy, here”. I never would have thought of something like what I received.

Audrey loves to give gifts. It’s in her nature. So, when she came running out of her class today and handed me a gift I was surprised! Then, with her hand on her hip, she informs me that I had to wait until “Daddy” got home to open it “cause it’s for bof of you”. Okay, I *guess* I can wait, if I have to. Talk about a LONG wait. I completely forgot Chuck had a haircut and dentist appointment tonight. My anticipation of opening my first “real” kid present (meaning not bought by Chuck for me) was overwhelming. I was practically pacing by the time he got home.

He did his normal hugs/kisses and asking everyone about their day. I was about to go nuts..seriously. He knew I was waiting to open the gift, so he made me wait longer. Just to be a turkey!!

Let me say though, the wait was worth it! When we opened the card I got misty eyed.
When we tore open the gift (quite like small children ourselves) I got very teary very quickly. It was Audrey’s hand print. She had made it, painted it and put a penny with the year 2009 on it!
On the back was a poem that I have read before.
This one had a holiday twist to it. I bawled like a baby!! Really. Chuck started, well, chuckling I was so teary.

It was the best Christmas present I have ever received! I plan on hanging it in a prominent place with some room so that the other two can add theirs to it someday.


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